Lowest internet speed needed?

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Re: Lowest internet speed needed?

Post by lbmofo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:43 pm

GMOOMA wrote:I set the upload to 512kbits and that seemed to have solved some fax issues I was having (placebo?)
not sure if the internal ooma qos functions actually work behind the router or if they only activate when the ooma is a router..

for me this seems a reasonable tradeoff.. I have 50/8 internet so dedicating 512k upstream isn't a big deal for me
For you, the Ooma upstream QoS should be set to 6400kbps. Downstream can be disabled setting to 0. This is only if you have your Ooma between modem and router; if after router, diable both up and down by setting to 0.
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