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#95387 by snooker
Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:48 pm
Not trying to hijack this thread but part of my question is related to how much bandwidth does Ooma take and how well does it allow the remaining bandwidth to pass through, with respect to upstream values you put in to Ooma's QoS setting.

I have a lot of info on my other thread here that I wish some of you experienced guys would comment on PLEEZ: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13690

Here is my example, for modem -> Ooma -> router, with Ooma upstream QoS set to various values below. I also have the router QoS set to 5000 which affects the bandwidth measurements for my PC which is connected to the router. (I have 6400 available upstream in total).

Anyhow for this setup, measuring the bandwidth available at the router using the ShapeProbe program:
a) Ooma set to 5000: I'm seeing 4562 when not in a call and 2838 when IN a call. The difference is 1700 kbps that Ooma "consumes" for one purpose or another.

b) If I set Ooma to 768: I see 4577 when not in a call and 401 when IN a call. If Ooma is allowing 768 through total then 768 - 401 = 367 in this example. So I'm claiming Ooma "consumes" 367 in this case.

So in case a) why is it using 1700 if I set it to 5000? My other thread asks a few related questions so I'd prefer to keep those over there...
#95402 by coastalcruiser
Tue May 01, 2012 6:48 am
lbmofo wrote:Using iLBC (Ooma's default codec), Ooma is supposed to take up only ~35Kbps to ~40Kbps per sec.


Thanx Murphy and ibmofo. I was confusing what telo actually uses to the value placed in the QoS box in the telo settings, which are two different things.

#95430 by snooker
Tue May 01, 2012 3:47 pm
Well I still don't see any answer or speculation as to my example above that shows Ooma "using" 1700 kbps when I set Ooma Qos upstream to 5000. I think my measurements are accurate and I've explained it all in my other thread. Perhaps nobody knows but if anybody else has done their own measurements it might help explain this. In the end perhaps it doesn't matter, except to gain an understanding of what the optimal settings really are.

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