INCOMING audio garbled - anything else I can try?

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Re: INCOMING audio garbled - anything else I can try?

Post by Duhhh » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:56 am

EX Bell wrote:Have you tried doing a 30/30/30 reset on the router? Before you flashed your 54G (54G right? Not 54GS!) did you read the peacock thread line for line?! Are you using a build from the router database? It's not SP1 is it!? You did at 30/30/30 reset before and after flashing!?
Yes, I did a full wipe of NVRAM before loading DD-WRT. No, it's an old (v2) 54G, not a 54GS. No, I'm not using SP1, I'm using an older build (9517M). I haven't touched the router since before I got the Telo. Even if I have DD-WRT problems (which I doubt), I have given the telo a static IP (something everyone should do, IMHO), so the DD-WRT DHCP lease problems should not affect it.
EX Bell wrote:I found the QoS of DD-WRT did not function correctly. Voice quality was still bad even when it was active. Without QoS managing my network traffic, voice quality on the Telo was mediocre at best, often garbled.
I've found that DD-WRT can do effective QoS throttling if set up properly (in my case, when I used it, I had the telo's MAC set as the only premium service, no port-based throttling). What makes it nearly impossible to configure is that you can't account for "turbo boost" easily, and you can't separately throttle WAN & LAN, so you have to throttle LAN traffic too much.

I don't think QoS (or bandwidth issues) is a problem, since I can monitor LAN and WAN traffic when I have the problem. Nothing is sucking up bandwidth when the telo goes into "garbled mode." That's why I think this is either a problem with my telo (either a defective unit, or just a bad piece of equipment) or with something on the other end of the line. No one at Ooma's tech support has been able to come up with any diagnostics I can use, so I can't figure that out.

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Re: INCOMING audio garbled - anything else I can try?

Post by thunderbird » Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:34 pm

Duhhh wrote:
thunderbird wrote:Setting the Ooma Setup Quality of Service speeds to higher speeds then the Internet provider provides, seems to prevent any random sudden throttling back of the bandwidth being used by the Ooma device. This setting works for some people, and for others it doesn’t work. It works for me.
So, you think that the telo throttles itself? That would be a huge bug in their QoS logic. Since the telo QoS is only supposed to throttle downstream packets, so that packets generated (or delivered) by the telo get through. You're saying to set the telo's QoS to higher throughput than the network can possibly achieve might stop that buggy throttling? I'd say it's a longshot, but I can try it and see if it makes a difference. That sounds like something that should have been fixed if it is happening.

If this is the case, wouldn't it just be best to set the telo's QoS numbers to something ridiculously high?
About two years ago one of the Ooma Telo firmware updates was supposed to fix this problem. But it seems like for some Ooma Telo builds, it there is still a problem or it didn't work. I've never tried a ridiculously high setting?

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