Recent bad call quality, occassional words are dropped out

This forum includes tips for maintaining the best audio quality possible with the Ooma System. If your Ooma system is having issues with dropped calls, static audio or echo, look here for assistance.
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Re: Recent bad call quality, occassional words are dropped out

Post by lbmofo » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:51 am

lbmofo wrote:
thunderbird wrote:I wouldn't think that Phonepower is causing the packet loss. Phonepower just shows/records what it sees.
Might have been whichvoip tests that let you choose different sites? But it did make a difference: viewtopic.php?t=10387#p71869
The location based VoIP test site link was posted in the post right above mine in the above thread.
I suppose for Ooma, best to choose San Jose CA to see what the result is? It does matter what location you choose to test your VoIP quality.
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Re: Recent bad call quality, occassional words are dropped out

Post by jmmastron » Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:00 pm

thunderbird wrote:
jmmastron wrote:Now still don't know why sound quality is bad. Currently connected Modem > Ooma > Router.
Use Buil in Mac
500 DL
300 UL
Are the 500 DL 500 kbps, and the 300 UL 400 kbps, as measured by Phonepower Speedtest? If so these values are exceptable, but seem to be on the low side.

Ooma was supposed to make some carrier routing changes day before yesterday that seemed to have helped some people.

Just exactly how is your sound quality bad? What are the symptoms? Have you tried setting your Quality of Service settings in Ooma Setup Advanced page?

Access to Ooma setup with a Modem-Ooma-Router connection is type in your computer browser window. The Ooma Setup pages opens. Run Phonepower Speedtest again and record the Upload and Download speeds.

This time for testing, temporarily set the Ooma Setup Advanced page Quality of Service Upstream and Downstream Internet Speeds to the Upload and Download speeds as measured by Phonepower Speedtest. Click on Update and then reboot the Ooma Telo. Then test for voice qualilty.

If the Ooma Telo voice quality improves, but the other devices in your home's LAN have problems, set the Ooma Setup Advanced page Quality of Service settings to 90% of the Phonepower Speedtest measured Upload and download speeds. Then test again.

Next if your Ooma Telo voice quality is okay, but you are still having problems with the other devices in your home's LAN, go to 80%.

But if your Voice quality is still bad, try connecting Modem-Router-Ooma, and then test. For the Modem-Router-Ooma connection, the Ooma Setup Advanced Quality of Service Upstream and Downstream Internet speeds are set to Zero. Nothing is connected to the Ooma Telo Home port, except to temporarily connect a computer when making adjustments to Ooma Setup.

Well after trying numerous setups (before, after router, etc.) and the third Ooma device level 3 tech support with Ooma strongly felt 1) magentic fields was not the issue and 2) last resort was a video trap my cable company put on the line recently after cancelling cable TV. I convinced the cable company to remove the trap and no quality improvements.

Lately, every time I run phonepower I get MOS scores of 1.0 mostly, occasionally 4.1; however, consistently my downstream jitter is 60+ms which seems to be causing the problem.

CONCLUSION: Now going to call Ooma and ask for a refund...return the product (hopefully) and get back to the cable company phone. Bummer.

Upstream jitter 1.2 ms
Downstream jitter 116.5 ms
Upstream packet loss 0.0 %
Downstream packet loss 6.1 %
Upstream packet order 100.0 %
Downstream packet order 88.3 %
Packet discards 0.0 %
MOS 1.0
REGISTER ms 856 ms
INVITE ms 713 ms
BYE ms 5 ms
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Re: Recent bad call quality, occassional words are dropped out

Post by thunderbird » Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:31 pm

jmmastron wrote: Downstream jitter 116.5 ms................should be less then 5ms
Downstream packet loss 6.1 %.............should be Zero
Downstream packet order 88.3 %.........should be 100%
MOS normally around 4.0
These Internet signal readings are some of the worth I've ever seen.

The problem isn't the Ooma device; it's the Internet signal going to the Ooma device.

I was looking through this thread and haven't seen where you may have tried another Modem. If you haven't tried another Modem, borrow one, or purchase one and try it.

Also viewing the Internet cable coming in from the street to your Modem is there any splices or splitters in this cable. If so, make sure that connections are tight and try, at least temporarily for testing, bypassing or replacing any splitters. Is the cable old looking and looking deteriorated? If so maybe it should be replaced.

If the Modem doesn't help, you have to get the Internet provider to clean up their Internet signal coming into your home.

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