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#89367 by thunderbird
Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:21 pm
joe123 wrote:
etters wrote:I have just received Firmware 50832 and it does seem to have eliminated the robotic voice issue - even for longer calls to a cell phone. My update apparently was part of the regularly scheduled Ooma update distribution process.

I never had the robotic issue. I just noticed that my Ooma Telo got this update. All is well still.

So this begs to ask for those long timers here. If a firmware update makes things bad for you, are you able to request a previous firmware that worked?

I guess I am asking for those that everything is working just fine, can you opt to stay on with a working firmware?

Since Ooma is constantly making software improvements to the Ooma Telo, updating and expanding their servers, routing and routes, interconnections with the wholesalers and legacy carriers, etc. It would be impossible to go back to a previous version of their firmware and expect to function properly. A firmware version that once worked very well, probably wouldn’t work at all now, after just a short period of time has passed.
#89518 by thunderbird
Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:55 am
This morning I was unable to call out using the Ooma Telo.

I rebooted the Ooma Telo, no help.

I dialed the number in different ways, using 1, area code, hash mark #, no help.

Finally I dialed the *98 prefix before the number and the call went through.

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