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#85295 by kcman1651
Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:18 am
New Telo user here and I have a couple of questions concerning QoS. I want to optimize my Telo for use with video calls on Skype while maintaining voice quality on the phone. Can someone give me some suggestions for what the upload/download specifications might work best while on Skype.

Set up is Cable Modem - Telo - Router
Download speed - 12 mbps
Upload speed - .98 mbps

I only have one line so do don't consider multiple calls.
Since VOIP and video are both going to fighting over upload bandwidth I didn't know if I should split it 50/50 or use the 80% - 85% allocation to the Telo. Somewhere I read that a high quality call will only use .4 mbps. If that is the case then why allocate more to the Telo? I am confused but that is normal.

I thought someone here might have already been down this road and could save me some time.
#85296 by thunderbird
Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:28 am
Access the Ooma Setup Advanced page. Under Quality of Service set both the Upstream Internet speed and Down Stream Internet speed to 80% of the measured speeds as measured by Click on Update. Then test making and receiving calls.

This setting is just a starting point. For most people it works fine, but if you find you are having problems with Skype, you may have to slightley lower the Upstream and down stream Internet speed number in Ooma setup.

We use QQ along with an Ooma Telo, and they both work well together.

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