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#82958 by rwinnike
Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:25 pm
Well that didn't take long (~30 min). The Ooma icon started flashing red and the status is as follows:

The TO INTERNET port: shows Disconnected and the Ooma Tunnel shows Disconnected.

AND my computer internet connection works fine.

#82959 by thunderbird
Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:48 pm
rwinnike wrote:Well that didn't take long (~30 min). The Ooma icon started flashing red and the status is as follows:

The TO INTERNET port: shows Disconnected and the Ooma Tunnel show Disconnected.


One last thing that you can do to isolate the problem:
If you can take your Ooma Telo to a relative, friend, or neighbor's home and connect it to their router and test, you will know for sure if it's the Ooma Telo causing the problem or your home's Internet setup.
Take a phone along with you.

If the Ooma Telo symbol flashes red again, call Ooma Customer Service. They may be able to reset your Ooma profile or give you a replacement if,

If you are within the one year warranty period, they will send you (after some hassle) a prepaid mailed replacement Ooma Telo, along with a prepaid mailing label for sending the defective Ooma Telo back.

If you are out of the warranty period, some times the credit card that you used may warrant the purchased item for up to two years.

Customer Support
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

If the Ooma Telo symbol doesn't flash red and stays connecte, then the problem probably is with your modem or Internet provider.
#82961 by rwinnike
Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:01 pm

Testing at a neighbors house is not very practical for me. Probably best to see if Ooma will reset my profile.

BTW - I am within the warranty period. AND Ooma has already sent me a new box about a week ago. The first box I had had a defective Phone port. This is getting very frustrating, especially after reading the good reviews about Ooma online.
#82962 by lbmofo
Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:09 pm
rwinnike wrote:I'm am a somewhat afraid to do a modem reset, as this puts things back in the factory default setting, and I'm not confident that I will get the custom configuration right. (Am I being too much of a woose?) I may have to call Time-Warner about this.

It is better to reset the modem because after line condition changes, reset & reboot would actually make your modem relearn your line charateristics so that it would perform better.

If after resetting and rebooting your modem doesn't solve your problem, 1 thing to also try is to get another modem; easy if you lease it. Just ask for a new one from the cable company. If you own your own modem, only way is to take it to someone else's home to try your Ooma. If good, then your modem has to be it.
#83237 by rwinnike
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:02 pm
To recap, about a month after getting Ooma, I upgraded my Time-Warner internet connection to Roadrunner Extreme. This necessitated changing my modem connection to a Ubee DDW3611 modem-router. I also use a Apple Time Machine Airport router. Since then, with the modem-Ooma-router setup, my Ooma phone system started dropping calls like crazy.

After considerable reading online about issues with the Ubee DDW3611 modem-router, I made some "radical" changes to my setup to better suit my situation. I want to use my Apple time machine airport as my router (instead of the Ubee). Therefore, I disabled the Ubee wireless network and also set it to bridge mode so my Apple router controls all traffic. In other words, the Ubee is now simply acting as a modem only. My Ooma is now connected to the Apple router (i.e. my setup is now modem-router-Ooma, instead of modem-Ooma-router). I was able to make these configuration changes ok, and my computer/internet network has been running great for 4 days now, NEVER dropping off.

With the previous setup, I think that there were communication conflicts with the Ubee router and the Apple time machine router that caused my Oooma to continually drop off.

The only issue that I ran into after changing Ubee to bridge mode was trying to configure my system in the “modem-Ooma-router” setup. I was being prompted during this setup to also change my Apple router to bridge mode. I don't understand why the I was getting this prompt and it didn’t make sense to me to have both the Apple router and Ubee modem-router in bridge mode, so I left the Ubee in bridge mode and settled on the modem-router-Ooma configuration instead.

I got to say that my network connections are noticeably faster now, and my Ooma seems to be working great (FINALLY!!). I know that they recommend setting the Ooma up in the modem-Ooma-router configuration for “optimal” performance, but I haven’t noticed any performance issues what-so-ever with the modem-router-Ooma setup. I realize though that I have a very fast internet connection with Roadrunner Extreme (30 Mbs down/5up). This may be why the modem-router-Ooma is a perfectly fine setup.

Details for changing the Ubee DDW3611 modem-router settings:
To disable the wireless network, connect your computer directly to one of the Ubee LANs and using an internet browser (e.g. Firefox) go to: > Login > Default username: user | Default password: user > Wireless Tab > Primary Network > Primary Network drop down -->DISABLED.

You can switch the UBEE to bridge mode via

Once placed in bridge mode you can access settings via (instead of

There is a discussion of the above on: ... oblems-fix

I hope this helps someone else.
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#83238 by thunderbird
Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:30 pm
Glad to see that you have thing under control. I'm sure that that in the future, there will be people seaching words like "Ubee DDW3611" and will find your post, and it will help them.

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