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#81496 by thunderbird
Sun May 15, 2011 5:23 pm
demaximis wrote:Thanks - I've reviewed most of those posts, and I always had my QoS set up in a similar manner to the one you referred me to. However, suddenly things are not so good anymore in OOMA-world, and the wife is not happy. For almost a year, my settings worked flawlessly. Then, a couple of weeks ago, every call sounds like the robot from Buck Rogers (beedey beedey ;) ). So, again, what's changed? It appears from the forum that many others have a very similar story -- everything was fine until a short time ago, then call quality takes it in the dumper. Why?

I think it may have to do with the Ooma Telo latest Firmware version 45073 (typo corrected).

They changed QoS software to be able to shut QoS off completely, when Internet upstream and internet downstream setting are set to zero.

Zero QoS settings are to be used when the Ooma Telo is connected behind the router.

Before Firmware version 45072 there was a "bug" that didn't do this.

The work around before was to set the Internet upstream and Internet downstream QoS settings to a higher number than your Internet speeds. It may worth a try to try this again if your Ooma Telo is connected behind your router.

These setting are used only if you have your Ooma Telo connected behind your router.
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#81549 by smokey
Tue May 17, 2011 6:21 am
Question, are you folks using Cordless or Corded Phones?

Is it possible that we are experiencing interference with our Cordless Phones?

I'm testing a Corded one today, and I think I may be noticing a difference from my end.

Also, I think I'm noticing more issues when I speak with people on cell phones.

Please let me know what you think.
#81555 by smokey
Tue May 17, 2011 8:56 am
OK, Corded Phone has same Robot sound issues on incoming voice.

I have tried everything, and the only change prior to this was the Firmware upgrade.... before that I didn't experience this incoming sound quality issue.
#81556 by thunderbird
Tue May 17, 2011 9:07 am
It appears that one person with a connection Modem-Router-Ooma had favorable results by setting Ooma Setup, Advanced page, Quality of Service, Upstream Internet Speed and Downstream Internet Speed to a number higher than the highest upload and download speeds as measured by

But some other people need to try these settings also to see if this work-around works for you.

Example: If measured your upload speed as 2000 and your download speed as 6000, I would add a 1000 to the download speed of 6000 and use that number 7000 for both QoS boxes.

If the connection is Modem-Ooma-Router, I would try setting the setting Ooma Setup, Advanced page, Quality of Service, Upstream Internet Speed and Downstream Internet Speed to a number higher than the highest upload and download speeds as measured by

If Ooma QoS tested okay, I'd test and see if this change affected a slow down in devices in my LAN, if not I'd do nothing and test this setup for a while.

If the LAN devices had a slow down, I'd set the Quality of Service, Upstream Internet Speed and Downstream Internet Speed to about 90% of the upload and download speeds as measured by

If the Ooma QoS tested okay and the LAN devices worked okay, I'd leave it. Otherwise I'd adjust QoS up or down, depending on weather Ooma had QoS problems or LAN had slow down problems.

In either setup, be sure to click on Update and reboot your Ooma Telo when done.

Most important is for you to post your findings and results to help others with this same problem.
#82101 by Chazac
Tue May 24, 2011 3:12 pm
I have also started experiencing bad service. I just ran the Phone Power speed tests and passed with flying colors. I suspected bandwidth issues...I guess the trick would be to run the test when I am experiencing phone issues.

Has a Ooma Representative jumped into this thread at all?

I would like some guidance.
#82501 by smokey
Tue May 31, 2011 6:27 am

Make sure you don't have any auto up-daters tured on. You can check in your Services and Startup configs (start/run/msconfig). (Be careful what you shut off...)

I found an updater that was ON for one of my browsers that was automatically downloading 20+MB files on a consistant basis... this probably was not helping my inbound sound quality. I know, QOS should have taken care of this... not sure why it didnt, but ever since I shut the updater, 99% back to normal!!!

Maybe coincidence,,, not sure. Anyone else?

#82509 by EA PA
Tue May 31, 2011 8:01 am
thunderbird wrote:Most important is for you to post your findings and results to help others with this same problem.

With my Modem / Telo / Router configuration, after an exhausting amount of testing, my best QoS settings are UL 90% measured and DL 0% (disabled). There did not seem to be much difference observed as I tested with UL values higher or lower than measured but 90% seemed to be the best. I did not test DL - just disabled. I do not see any benefit for enabling DL QoS in this configuration.

I booted modem and then remaining equipment in sequence from modem back a few times until I got good phone quality results (actual use). I must have hit the sweet spot because all of my "I cant / can’t hear you" issues with cell, the occasional dropped calls and fail to connects went away. I have been problem free for months now. No fiddling required, just smooth sailing. That said, this all happened somewhere in the vicinity of the latest firmware push. So I cannot confirm that it was the settings or dithering that ultimately resulted in proper operation vs. Ooma engineering.

As a part of testing, I checked signal strength and found them acceptable using criteria in the forum and from other internet sources. I have all my equipment on UPS. I use INTERNET Port MAC Address select Use Built in. I moved my Telo a few feet away from any RF source.

I must also throw out that I saw another Telo installed (M/O/R) that operates out of the box flawlessly. I ran a few phonepower tests on their internet connection and was shocked to see absolutely horrible results, REALLY BAD. However, it has worked for months without any issues!??!! So, I must wonder how beneficial all of these tests really are... It certainly can't be bad to get good results though. But after seeing that, I would not get too upset if the results are not optimal.

I do have an approximate 750 mSec delay issue when testing the "909" loopback number as indicated in other posts. However, the delay is barely noticeable unless in a rapid fire conversation. This was tested on cross country calls.

After all, it seems like the best improvements came with moving the Telo away from my router, getting the system on UPS to prevent booting from power interruptions, making adjustments and booting system in a controlled manner to find the most reliable connection. The composite of all these measures works for me.

I currently use the system while gaming, and video streaming with no issues. Good luck!
#82551 by howardc64
Tue May 31, 2011 8:09 pm
Add me to the list. Nothings changed but quality went down significantly in the last couple of months after a few months of perfect usage. My setup is DSL Modem->HUB->OOMA and Using DECT 6 wireless phones. speedtest shows 2Mbit down/600k up. Google chat phone call quality is perfect.

Here is the results. ... t?id=73977

Problems seems worse in the evenings than during day time.

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