Slow motion on other end

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Slow motion on other end

Post by spanishryan » Thu May 12, 2011 4:26 pm

I am a new Ooma user and I'm quite frustrated by the quality. I switched from Vonage after reading a rave review in Consumer Reports. My wife is really mad we spent $240 (199.99 on Amazon plus the $40 port charge) and that it's not working well at all. We never had any issues with Vonage in the 2-3 months that we had it. Here is my setup for my Ooma Telo. I have a cable modem from Comcast and a wireless router in another building about 50-75 feet away from my house. I have a Netgear wireless range extender in my kitchen. I have the Telo hooked up to that and both pieces are on top of a cabinet in my kitchen; they are next to each other. Here are the results of the connection test suggested in another topic:
Upstream jitter 2.5 ms
Downstream jitter 2.2 ms
Upstream packet loss 0.0 %
Downstream packet loss 1.3 %
Upstream packet order 100.0 %
Downstream packet order 97.1 %
Packet discards 1.0 %
MOS 1.0
REGISTER ms 1568 ms
INVITE ms 841 ms
BYE ms 4 ms
Test VoIP and Speed Test

Does anybody have any advice/suggestions? Thank you very much for your time,

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Re: Slow motion on other end

Post by lbmofo » Thu May 12, 2011 4:40 pm

Packet loss and discards are not good. Best to have Telo connected directly to the modem or the router.

One thing you can try first is to place them further apart and see if that makes any difference.
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Re: Slow motion on other end

Post by nn5i » Thu May 12, 2011 5:26 pm

50-75 feet? It moves around?

Using a "range extender" -- I know Netgear calls it that -- it's usually a repeater or repeater bridge, sometimes a client bridge -- reduces the performance of any wireless network by at least 50% unless you're using it as a client bridge (Telo fed by wire from the "extender"), which may or may not be a problem for the Telo. What is the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the path through the "extender"?

Are you using wireless telephones connected to the Telo? That's a problem if (and only if) you're feeding the Telo through wi-fi. Wireless telephones and wi-fi networks use the same frequency range (2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz), even when the wireless phone is advertised as 5.8 GHz -- most such phones use 2.4 GHz in one direction and 5.8 the other. With the phones interfering with the wi-fi, and the wi-fi interfering with the phones, the Telo is confounded on both ends and performance can get rather bad. A description might be "sounds like he's gargling Alka-Seltzer while talking to me". Your packet loss and packet discard figures suggest that's what you're doing, and you don't say. Using DECT 6.0 phones may alleviate this part of the problem, since they use an entirely different frequency range.

If you can move either the Telo or the cable modem, placing them nearby and connecting them with a cable instead of wi-fi, I'd bet your problems would mostly evaporate.

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