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#80453 by BHC
Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:40 pm
I am a comcast cable subscriber in Florida. My Ooma box (connected between my modem and router) has worked well for several months now for voice calls. I recently replaced my old printer with an HP C410a with FAX. As per the Ooma instructions, I dialed *99 to send a 1 page FAX. Didn't work. I then tried a *99 with a pause. Didn't work. I then, as per Ooma's instructions 1. reduced the transmission speed to 9600, 2. turned off the error correction mode, and 3. reduced the resolution from fine to standard on the HP C410a. Didn't work. I have traditionally used my computer and scanner to do all of my FAX'ing so I tried to send a FAX from my computer (on a regular phone line) to my HP C410a. Didn't work. I have come to the conclusion that you cannot send or receive FAX transmissions through an Ooma box, period. Although this is not a deal breaker for me as I use the Ooma box more for voice than I do for FAX, it would have saved me an entire afternoon if they would have included the following statement in their instruction manual, "Your Ooma box does not support the sending or receiving Fax transmissions."
#80454 by thunderbird
Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:01 pm

Did you go to the HP Fax Manual and check every step under Fax Troubleshooting?

For testing to eliminate any chance of extra noise, temporarily disconnect the phone line from the Ooma device's phone port. Than only connect a phone line from my fax machine's phone port, directly to the Ooma devices' Phone port, than test.
#80474 by thunderbird
Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:40 am
Following is a site that may help with VoIP faxing. It contains general instructions for fax setup, and setup instructions for various brand name fax machines. ... evices.htm

One suggestion that sounds promising is as follows:

Try placing a DSL filter in "reverse position" between the ATA (Ooma Device) and the fax machine (to cut down on "noise").

Faxing using Ooma phone service is just hit and miss until Ooma impliments faxing modes, "Store and Forward FoIP (T.37) fax standard", or "Real Time FoIP (T.38) fax standard".

Also view topic:
#80518 by I_Ooma_2
Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:33 am
thunderbird wrote:Faxing using Ooma phone service is just hit and miss until Ooma impliments faxing modes, "Store and Forward FoIP (T.37) fax standard", or "Real Time FoIP (T.38) fax standard".

Is this something Ooma is actually planning to do? Just curious.

As I've said in another thread, I do so very little faxing that I'm not too concerned about it, but there are rare occasions where some companies can't do PDFs through e-mail (which is my preferred method). And while faxing isn't that important to me, I know it is important to others, and I want Ooma to succeed. :D

Having said that though, I just tried some test faxes to the HP & FaxToy numbers and no luck at all. I tried every trick I've read here except the backwards DSL filter. While I've never had DSL, I do have a DSL filter I could try (and will post back if it works). One of the problems may be the fact that my Epson WorkForce 840 can't do 9600 baud (14400 minimum). I'm sure I've got some old internal modems laying around that I could try (or maybe just go pick up a USB fax-modem) but other than the fact that I may not need it for a year, there is really no telling for sure whether or not it would even work.
#80725 by BHC
Wed May 04, 2011 8:04 pm
Thanks Thunderbird and I_Ooma_2 for your suggestions. Unfortunately neither worked. I still had the "fax transmission failed" and communication error messages going either way. I do however have an extra DSL filter now that I tried hooking up in a variety of ways. No help there. I can't tell a difference in the voice quality with it installed or not as I have Comcast cable. I am pleased with the voice quality of the Ooma Telo and the box is saving me over $50 per month (much more if I dial long distance) so life without faxing is not so bad. In fact, the box will have paid for itself in another couple of months. I just tell people that I email documents - not fax. I don't believe this problem will be fixed without a serious firmware upgrade to the little Ooma Telo. FYI - I do AV and network wiring installations on the side. I have test equipment that can determine wiring faults and I carefully specified the quality and brand of all of the phone, cable, and CAT5e wiring in my house when I had it built several years ago. I would love to hear about anyone else that can actually use the Ooma box to fax. I do not want to put my Ooma box in the FAX mode as I have others in my house that use the phones. I did use the *99 dialing prefix with and without a pause in the FAX testing I have done.
#80733 by nn5i
Wed May 04, 2011 10:43 pm
I consider FAX about as modern and desirable as TELEX, or even a Model 28 Teletype using 5-bit Baudot. Hellschreiber was the latest thing, once. Tastes vary.

However, I have seen posts that suggest that FAXing success depends mostly on the make and model of your FAX machine. Somewhere on here there's a thread entitled "What FAXes work?" or something like that.

Then, of course, one must wonder how much the other guy's FAX machine affects things when yours is known good.

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