!!RESOLVED!! Drops outgoing calls after 15 minutes

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!!RESOLVED!! Drops outgoing calls after 15 minutes

Post by MisterEd2 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:48 pm

The Issue below was resolved. I had port 3389 open for (Remote Desktop Protocol) RDP.
Closing this fixed the 15 minute drop. RDP seems to have a 15M timeout, the port is 3389.
Hope this helps others. A very happy user now! :P

I had this for a week now and I can not call out and stay online for more than 15 minutes.

I can received incoming calls for longer than 15 minutes - but every outgoing call drops after 15 minutes
and a few seconds typiall from 15:09 to 15:12 - like clock work no pun.

On the internal ooma website while connected to with my computer set to
I tried setting my QOS to 192 / 2048 and 313 / 2184 as tech support suggested.
My Speed test while off hook is 2.51mb .36mb with ATT DSL.

The ooma is after a Cisco router. Nothing else is using dsl bandwidth at the time. If I recv a call I can watch videos and iTunes online and talk for 30 minutes all at the same time... Please fix my outgoing or this box is going back to best buy!!! I really like it except for this. I doubt its bandwidth, seems more like a logic problem since inbound and outbound work differently.

Further investigation shows time of 15:20 is really my cordless phone timer starting when the number dials, but it takes 20 seconds to get dial tone, dial and ring and answer, the call is being dropped exactly at 15:00 minutes. The variance is how long it takes the callee to answer.

Also tried MTU sizes of 1400 and 1492 and 1023. 1023 wont dial out at all. Updating the router settings while talking causes weird sounds, and dropped audio, but no dropped call! I think this proves it not bandwidth, there is some 900 second timer some where.

I also watched all the ActionTec modem, Linksys/Cisco WRT120N router LEDS and Telo LEDS and no change when the call drops. I get a busy signal instantly, the callee gets a silent high and dry line. During and after the drop the DSL modem leds flicker fast and show lots of internet activity as tey do during the call, even with all computers off and WiFi off. So where is this coming from, has to be the Telo box. I even run TCPDUMP and this was not informative at all.

Has anyone else seen this or know why the incoming calls can stay connected w/o a problem but outgoing is broken?
Its a pain because calling tech support is my call and I an not get too far!

I'm giving Omma 7 more days to fix this else it goes back to best buy and I live with AT&T.

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Re: drops outgoing calls after 15 minutes

Post by Hollywood » Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:21 pm

my mom had it happen on her ooma here in So. California. She called a friend about 30 miles away from her. I checked her call log, and it had 3 calls exactly 15 minutes to the same number and one more of a few minutes because they gave up and said bye. I reported it to NToy, he saw nothing strange, and the problem stopped by itself. That was almost a year ago. She is on Time Warner cablemodem.

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