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#79398 by thunderbird
Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:43 pm
Data Collection:

To get an idea how may Ooma customers are experiencing Chronic Audio Delay problems with their Ooma Phone Service, and who their carrier is, please list your carrier as found in (

List your forum name and carrier. Also list what kind of delay you are having and if possible how much delay you are having.

Also list about how long you have had this delay problem.

**********Note: Ooma isn't your Carrier, to find your carrier you have to look it up using and your current phone number.*********

The Ooma Chronic Audio Delay Problem, that some Ooma users are cursed with, is the longest ongoing and most difficult Ooma VoIP phone system problem to date.
I tried to review posts that had small successes with the Audio Delay problem.

A few people said that replacing their phone with DECT 6 phones helped. But we pretty much know now that if an isolation test is accomplished with an old corded phone, and there is no improvement, a new phone system won’t help.

I remember one older post that said that they replaced their Ooma Telo under warranty, and that helped. But I’ve searched the forum a few times and can’t find that post, so that idea is up in the air, and it was only one person that said it helped.

Several people said that adjusting their Ooma device’s Quality of Service settings helped?

The one common thread is the Audacity sound recorder tests that show that when calling within the Ooma system, the delay is almost acceptable, while calling an outside number, out through a legacy carrier, for some people, the delay is extremely excessive.

This problem is probably an individual problem like the I/they can’t hear you/me problem was. That means every individual person having this problem has to contact Ooma and keep after Ooma until their Individual delay problem is solved.

Don’t expect to let others battle with Ooma Customer Service and when their problem has been resolved, that your problem will be resolved also. Each person suffering the Ooma Chronic Audio Delay Problem must contact Ooma Customer Service with their individual delay problem.

Most important, if you have a success, let us all know.

The two numbers that are used for delay testing are:
909-390-0003 is outside of Ooma and can be called by any phone (Ooma or not) to test round-trip delay.
925-259-0082 is inside of Ooma and tests round-trip delay without going out of Ooma over a carrier.
Ping to see your round-trip Internet delay to Ooma.

The test procedure is at: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9569&start=30#p67874

It's reported that the pencil tap method on using Audacity is best.

Half-Dulex Information:

Half-Duplex Conversation is where you have to wait to talk until the other party stops taking.
Half-Dupliex is some times called one way conversation or semi-duplex.

Full-duplex Conversation is where both parties can talk at the same time, and hear each other clearly.

Ooma supports Full-Duplex Conversation.

Half-Duplex Converasation is often confused for delay, and sounds like delay, but isn't delay.

Half-Duplex Conversation is often caused by a Half-Duplex device connected to your LAN.

In order to operate, the Full-Duplex devices connected to your LAN, like a modem, has to degrade to Half Duplex, when a half duplex device is operating on the LAN.

Half-Duplex Conversation is also sometimes caused by a malfunctioning Devices on your LAN.

Half-Duplex Conversation is often caused by a Half-Duplex device connected to your LAN, that is manually set, not to Automatic, but to a manual Half-Duplex setting.

The original style of ethernet working became known as half-duplex or semi-duplex: data could flow in either direction, but only in one direction at one time. Ethernet at 10Mbps on twisted-pair cable is known as 10baseT.

Some comupter cards, game devices, modems, routers, etc. will or can operate in the 10baseT range.

See View Topic viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11377&p=86651&hilit=chronic+%E2%80%A6#p86651 for ways to troubleshoot Half-Duplex conversation.
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#79409 by horsecore
Fri Apr 15, 2011 2:21 pm
Hi thunderbird,

Great idea to gather all of this info in one place!

Here is my carrier info:

Current Telephone Company:
Choice One Communications

Original Telephone Company:
Ameritech Michigan

Original Telephone Company Type:
Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC)

I've had the delay since I got Ooma, which was back in 07/2010, and the delay has to be bordering on 1 sec at times (I have no way of measuring it).

As I mentioned, Ooma support (via e-mail, 4/1) has said they've identified the problem being with the carrier but I have not yet received an update. I will follow-up and see if any further progress has been made.

If I missed anything, let me know and I will edit.

EDIT: Thanks lbmofo, I didn't even notice that! I just copied/pasted the results. Anyway, it's been edited to reflect the current carrier of Choice One Communications.
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#79426 by hikerwillie
Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:33 pm
Hello thunderbird,

Current Telephone Company:
Current Provider
360 Networks-Syniverse

Original Telephone Company:
360networks (usa) Inc. - Mt

Original Telephone Company Type:
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

Echo Test via 909 number averages 850 ms for the last few months. Worst case 1050 ms. Early November, 2010 it was 550 to 600 ms; the delay increased a few weeks later if I remember correctly. Perceived quality of the line varies from very good to "walking over" each others' words.

Thanks for compiling this information!

EDIT: Manually entered Current Provider. Tnid left this item blank. Thanks for pointing this out.
EDIT #2: Corretced tnid information
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#79549 by MrMiner
Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:59 pm
Current Telephone Company:
Paetec Communications

Original Telephone Company:
Citizens Comm Co Tn Dba Frontier Comm Of Tn Llc
Original Telephone Company Type:
Independent Telephone Company (ICO)

About to have to drop Ooma. Terrible delay (at least 1 second). Terrible call quality. So Unreliable. All my wife's friends now hate me. My wife really hates Ooma. It's all Ooma's fault.
#79576 by nn5i
Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:12 am
Current Telephone Company:

Original Telephone Company:
Xo Florida Inc.

Original Telephone Company Type:
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

What's that 909 number that people mention?
#79579 by I_Ooma_2
Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:50 am
nn5i wrote:What's that 909 number that people mention?

Ooma's (I think) echo-back test phone number, used to check the VoIP delay.


You may not hear a ring, but after a few seconds try saying something and it should echo back. The sooner it echos back, the less the delay. There is a thread around hear somewhere with more detailed instructions on determining the exact delay time by recording it with your PC and analyzing the recording.

Edit: Thread/Post here>
#79651 by nn5i
Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:28 am
I_Ooma_2 wrote:The sooner it echos back, the less the delay. There is a thread around [here] somewhere with more detailed instructions on determining the exact delay time by recording it with your PC and analyzing the recording.

That's certainly possible. Easier way: simply synchronize with it, so you are chanting in time with the delay. Count the chants per minute. Calculate the time in seconds for each chant (60 divided by chants-per-minute), and that's the round-trip delay. One-way delay should be about half that, depending upon symmetry.

Engineering rule: always do things the simplest way that will work.

My result: 66 chants per minute. That's 909 milliseconds per chant, so the round-trip delay is 909 milliseconds. Thus the one-way delay is about 455 milliseconds, which is absolutely wretched. No wonder my callers and I step on each other's sentences.

One might say that eager conversation never has a chants to succeed.
#79657 by kdawgud
Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:09 am
Current Telephone Company:
Choice One Communications Inc.

Original Telephone Company:
Choice One Communications Inc. - Oh

Original Telephone Company Type:
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

Delay is usually around 800-900ms. I have had the delay issue since I first got Ooma a couple weeks ago.

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