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#78540 by drchipster
Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:01 am
I am a new Ooma user. I just got the Ooma Telo over the weekend. Set up was a breeze. I made a few test calls and noticed the following problem.
I have a 2-line speakerphone with caller ID/call waiting (AT&T model 993). Ooma Telo is plugged into one line and a land line to the other one. When making calls via either Ooma or land line I'm hearing a buzzing/humming background noise. If only one line (either Ooma or land line) is plugged into the phone the background noise is gone. It sounds like the two lines interfere with each other. If i plug in 2 land lines to this phone everything also works fine.
Is this a known problem? Does Ooma support 2-line phones?

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