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#78475 by EA PA
Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:16 pm
lbmofo wrote:EA PA, have you ever brought your Ooma to your inlaws and plugged in to do some testing?
If theirs work great and yours doesn't, it must be your Ooma hardware.
On the other hand, if yours work great there too, then it must be your internet (line, modem, etc).

I have been starting to suspect the telo hardware (perhaps en masse) have some sort of issue. Id like to get my statistics as good as I can before I get to the OOMA complaint hotline.. You make a good point though. I do have one great fear. When I went down last, I ran some test on theirs - the results were horrid, but their OOMA works fine. I knew I was walking on eggshells. I went through preferences with them and was somewhat nervous to change anything for fear that the next day it would start acting up. Well sure as a the world turns, the next day came the panic call. Fortunately, they let me get back in to their MY OOMA and I reset most of the preferences back... I haven't call them back since... :? Anyway, good idea, not sure I could get away with it. Maybe I could offer to "house sit" for a few days so they can get away...and slip OOMA into my bag :)
#78483 by lbmofo
Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:53 pm
How about asking, hey could I hook up my ooma to do some tests without messing with yours?
#78533 by EA PA
Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:32 pm
Just to close the loop, my final resolution on this issue; move the OOMA away from the almost direct contact with the WiFi router, after testing I selected UL QoS at 95% of measured UL speed and cold boot modem - I have no single contributor because my bride informs me that I spend more time fiddling with this phone than I show up to work :o (translation, home work list not getting worked) so I could not do these one at a time. Update: Today, long distance calls with no issues (AND NO *98 :D ) and a few locals - some worked non-*98 some did. To top it off, my handset STILL has no issues :!: There is hope...

In fact, I was contemplating a one time E-Bay sale of my "no issue" handset with cool batteries and functional charging base. Apparently according to posts, I may have one of the few that work.. Then I will buy another directly from OOMA (like I did the first time) and apply the rest to my POTS account :x that are going to charge me to get out of my lame contract. Then again, I may of just blown my handset secret. ;)

Question - you guys buying knockoffs? Sorry to make light of a frustrating issue - I'm just happy that I finally am getting better reliability from my Telo. :cool: for now. Thanks for the clues...


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