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#77294 by alternety
Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:35 pm
When my ISP and my local network all go to IPV6, what will happen with:

1 - Hub

2 - Telo

This is more than simple curiosity. We have already run out of large block IP addresses a month or so ago. Quite a bit of home equipment is not compatible. PCs are with reasonably current OS and hardware. Mine is aware and maybe Comcast. But my routers and switches need to be replaced. Many can't simply be upgraded because of being designed without sufficient memory to handle it. A few pennies saved in production AND they get to sell everyone new equipment.
#77363 by alternety
Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:26 pm
Yes - it MAY take a while. And I really don't care in reference to my question. I want an answer to my question. That is why I asked. I will be converting my LAN when feasible and I don't know what capabilities will exist in consumer equipment (right now, very little). And the ISPs will drive much of this.

There is a world-wide test scheduled for sometime in June to see what happens (eighth I think). This change affects essentially everything on the network. The basic frame contents and address space are changed. It only takes one intermediate site/device that decides not to emulate/translate/encapsulate the old protocols (with attendant processing overhead and possible delay) for your particular end-to-end connection to fail. If you can not interpret a TCP/IP frame, and nothing has acted as an intermediary and translated it, you can't function on the Internet. You may ignore this as you please. It is not useful for you to butt in and provide your opinion that my question is irrelevant.

No doubt, you are also against Tsunami alert systems because the Pacific NW Mega-quake may not come for 100 years.
#77364 by alternety
Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:30 pm
In the third email exchange with ooma customer support they have assured me that anything that connects to the internet will be fine. Just don't use dial-up.
#77367 by lbmofo
Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:53 pm
lbmofo wrote:You won't have to worry for the next 10 years most likely.


Why the hostility? Did you even read the thread that I provided? Next time, read the info people provide before going off on them.

Dennis P wrote:Support for IPv6 is on our radar, but we have no firm timeline for implementation yet. While it is "just a firmware" change on the Telo, it is not a small project by any means - it will requires changes on all aspects of our service.

Short answer, Hub & Telo won't work with IPv6 unless Ooma puts out a fix.
#77368 by thunderbird
Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:12 pm
If anyone is concerned about IPv6 as it relates to our homes Internet equipment, and if you can read and understand the information provided at the Internet site below, you will understand that what lbmofo said about not having a concern for ten years is probably true.

In addition:

Window XP and above is already IPv6 capable.

Many modem and router manufactures will be able to issue a firmware update for their equipment, to add IPv6 128 bit addressing.

Many router manufactures are already or will be selling IPv6 128 bit addressing routers.
#77376 by alternety
Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:23 pm
The hostility was because you simply did not answer the question (which you presumably know) and instead told me in your opinion I don't need an answer. That is why. If you did not want to answer the question asked; why don't you just not answer? I did not ask for a timeline as presented in an article or otherwise.

I have read a fair amount more than your link; and I looked at it when you posted. There was no information I have not already seen. I read a very interesting report (including testing for compliance) on which manufacturers/models of network equipment could and could not be updated to deal with IPV6. I don't remember where I found it. As I recollect, most existing consumer equipment will have to be discarded.

My ultimate purpose was to know if it was useful to upgrade to Telo. In the meantime I got and answer for the upgrade price and that it only applied to premium customers. So not interesting on that front. If it had economic justification, and the Hub did not handle IPV6 (as I strongly suspected) and if the Telo did (something I suspected was not true - but maybe is possibly upgragable) I would consider an upgrade; presuming it was not an offer that would be open forever.

In terms of timeline - No mere civilian really knows when a particular changeover is going to take place. It will most likely be piecemeal with inefficient translations and/or dual resources. Do you know the timelines of individual ISPs? They have a tendency to march to their own drummers. If they begin to have issues with addresses or infrastructure they can do most anything. I am not assessing probable or not probable. An example is the move to DOCIS 3. Sometimes you can keep your DOCIS 2 equipment you bought, but you won't get the new features (e.g., speed) and probably won't be allowed to start a new service with DOCIS 2 equipment. I would not be terribly surprised if the new cable modems are IPV6 compatible. They could do an equipment change-out for IPV6. Just no way to know what they might decide to do if they decide it is best for them not to have a mixed protocol net. I just don't know. But all I was trying to do at the moment is evaluate switching ooma equipment.

I can rest easy anyway because I just received yet another response from ooma (different person) explaining why IPV6 would have no impact:

"I definitely see that you have invested a lot of time and effort on this issue. Regardless of what IP you are using, it should work with Ooma as long as you're using a high-speed Internet. It only depends on the speed and jitter rate of your Internet provider."
#77379 by murphy
Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:18 am
All DOCSIS 3 modems support IPv6. It is part of the specification for them. The user can't enable IPv6 in the modem however. Only the cable company's config file download can do that.

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