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#73619 by smarsh99
Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:27 pm
:x Anyone else having similar experience?

I am a new OOMA Telo Customer, I have test-driven the service for the last couple weeks, the OOMA report card is not good.

Starters, I have a very fast 20 Megabit (minimum) Comcast Internet connection, in speed tests I routinely top 4 MEGABYTES per second (its no typo thats 4 mega BYTES per second) which means that Comcast is allowing me >33 Megabits throughput on the DS link, on my upstream link I get >1 MEGA BYTE per second.

Other tests show my Comcast Internet service is remarkably reliable with ZERO dropped TCP connections out of 10 thousand attempts.

I routinely am able to watch FULL HD Netlfix while my 2 daughters individually watch 480p YouTube videos and the wife surfs the web.

I have an ASUS RT16 Router with integrated 1 GBit switch, a flawless reliable router.

Previously, I had Comcast Voice (VOIP) and in over three years I never had a single dropped call.

What I have found is that the OOMA service is woefully unreliable for calls during "regular" hours, on both incoming and outgoing calls.

During "regular" hours with NO OTHER TRAFFIC occurring on my internet connection, this is the typical scenario for outgoing calls:

1. You pick-up your handset get a dial tone, <good>
2. You dial the number and get a quick ring from the OOMA DC, <good>
3. Then silence or some rings from the called party which then may answer but the call is dropped immediately <BAD>
4. You repeat steps 1-3 a minimum of 3 times before you get a connection. <BAD>

Incoming calls are no different, the ooma connected phone never rings or rings once and drops the call.

At non-regular hours the ooma works fine, say 1am or 2am, no issues then.

I have gone 10 - 20 outgoing call attempts in my testing and found that I could not ring up my cell phone in my tests, it never rang once. But I could then use my daughters cell phone to call my cell and get an immediate connection.

OOMA needs to pack it in if they cannot deliver.
#73620 by lbmofo
Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:01 pm
Just because you have fast internet service, it doesn't mean you are going to get good Voice over IP.

You may want to check this thread out about voice quality issues: viewtopic.php?t=10023

If all checks out, then you may have a carrier routing issue. Call ooma customer service; sometimes, they may issue you another number.
#73621 by smarsh99
Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:13 pm
Nice try lbmofo, but (get real) if the issues were to do with "Carrier Routing" it would occur all the time.

Also outgoing calls would NEVER ring the target phone...

This has nothing to do with carrier routing and if it did OOMA could use data center data and the OOMA device to trouble shoot it, they could TELL me after all they would have the data, right?

No this occurs when you can expect ooma to be experiencing its highest traffic, Daytime/Evenings.

The OOMA back-end is just overloaded and they won't spring for another DS3 or more servers.

They need to advertise the fact that reliability is poor, or find a way to troubleshoot in real time and get these issues fixed.
#73623 by lbmofo
Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:25 pm
You sure like to jump to conclusions quickly don't you? I don't experience any of this "overload" issues.
Check the link out (the link that I provided). If you find no fault with your internet service, then give Ooma customer service a call.
#73668 by smarsh99
Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:25 am
thunderbird wrote:smarsh99:

How did you configure your setup? Modem-Ooma-Router or Modem-Router-Ooma?

I've replied once but *Why* should this matter when you consider below?

Tangentially, I have a Droid phone, a Galaxy S. On occasion, I find it useful to use my Skype account to make calls from my Droid phone over available WIFI networks in which I am a guest. I do this from varied places, Restaurants, Libraries, Starbucks, etc, etc. I have never once had a single problem, I have never had to "tweak" or fiddle with any setup.

These WIFI connections are usually laden with traffic from other users, yet! I never have a single bit of trouble, never a dropped call.

I also use Skype on my Droid from home, and the same applies, never a single issue, even when I'm watching FULL HD on Netflix.

What is so special about Skype? Why can Skype deliver where OOMA cannot?

It is because of my experience with Skype that I considered using OOMA, it never occurred to me that anyone could get it so wrong.

My issue here is that OOMA is a great idea, a great model for delivering this service, but its just poorly implemented, poorly engineered, this makes it a problem.
#73671 by thunderbird
Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:12 am
I have always used Asus motherboards in my computers. So Asus routers were the first routers I looked at when looking for a new router. I loved the Idea of having a USB port for storage devices, a USB print server port, WiFi Wireless N, and a gigabit LAN, which the Asus RT16 Router has.

But I found that the Asus RT16 really seemed to be limited and don’t have all of the quality of service (QoS) “bells and whittles”, when it comes to QoS for VoIP. If you are going to place an Ooma device behind a router, quite often some minor QoS adjustments need to be made to the router, for the Ooma device to function properly.

Actually most often the Ooma device will function better, placed behind the router, if the router can properly handle QoS for VoIP traffic.

But with that said, at least for a test, you might try placing your Ooma device between your modem and router and see if that helps.
#73673 by smarsh99
Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:31 am
Thunderbird, QoS being a factor presumes that other traffic is occurring on the router, in which case the router could then prioritize the ooma device packets.

The problem with this is that I specifically tested whilst my network was QUIET, as in NO OTHER TRAFFIC.

If this were a QoS issue then the issue would NOT occur during times when the local net is QUIET.

No other VOIPS that I currently use (like Skype) have any issues, why should OOMA?

No other services like NetFlix have any issues either. Your suggestion is just OOMA disinformation, the issue is the OOMA backend or the location of the OOMA backend.

Where is the OOMA data center located? Seattle? Texas? California?
#73868 by DrElectron
Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:27 am
We have had OOMA for about a year now and I have to agree with smarsh99. We came from using Vonage for several years and found OOMA to be not as reliable as Vonage. We have had problems with disconnects and call waiting caller id. The CWCID problems lasted more than 6 months! Most recently, we have been having the same problem as smarsh99 with unsuccessful outbound calls. I know the Internet connection is fine. In fact, our backup VOIP line is MagicJack. When OOMA fails to make the call, we just use the MJ phone which works every time. We are so disappointed with OOMA, we are considering switching back to Vonage. We would also consider making MagicJack our primary VOIP line if they ported phone numbers (they currently do not provide porting service). OOMA needs to fix their backend.
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