Do You Need a DSL Filter With Ooma & DSL (No Landline)?

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Do You Need a DSL Filter With Ooma & DSL (No Landline)?

Post by bmccollum » Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:34 am

I've got a buddy that's been having numerous Internet connection (AT&T DSL) droppage issues over the past several weeks/months.

He's bought / tried different brands of DSL modems, has a new router in the mix as of several months ago, and has tried everything he knows to try. Still ups & downs though with his DSL connection dropping 5-10 times per day though where he has to unplug and reconnect the power to the DSL modem to re-establish connectivity.

As a last resort, he moved his equipment and connected the DSL modem to a different phone jack in the house. About 2-3 days now and he's had a solid, consistent Internet connection with no drops in service.

The previous jack where he had his DSL modem, wireless router, and Ooma all connection to/through didn't have a DSL filter connected... the different phone jack that he's had success with over the past 2-3 days DOES have a DSL filter present that the DSL modem is connected to...

He has no traditional landlane, he has the Ooma Telo providing his phone service, and his DSL service again is via AT&T.

With the setup / services described above, does he technically even need any DSL filters on any of the jacks throughout the house or should he be o.k. without them? He/we are just trying to figure out if the original phone jack that his equipment was connected to when all of the DSL service outages were occurring is faulty and he's now connected to a stable line in his kitchen, or if the original line is fine but was just causing frequent outages because of no DSL filter being present on that original jack.

Thanks for any input...

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Re: Do You Need a DSL Filter With Ooma & DSL (No Landline)?

Post by murphy » Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:46 am

With DSL only, the incoming phone line should be connected to the jack that the modem connects to and no where else.
All of the other jacks in the house should be connected together but not connected to anything but the Telo phone port.
No DSL filters are needed in this environment.
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