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#70382 by anotherITguy
Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:50 pm
I recently switched to Ooma from Vonage about three weeks ago. Since switching, my wife and I have noticed some call quality issues. The first being that the caller cannot hear us right after they pickup the phone. We say "hello" about three times before they respond. The second is echoing. We hear our selves echo back as we talk. The echo issue does not happen all of the time. And the thrid issue is when talking to someone, either they will be unable to hear us for a short time (5 - 10 sec.) and or we'll be unable to hear them. Below I am going to first post my connection speeds from Then I'll post my VOIP test results from using codec G.711. Lastly I'll post the chages I have made to my Ooma setup based on the results. If someone could please verify that I have done everything possible to optimize my connection I would appreciate it! My wife is getting quite upset with me and I would hate to have to swtich back to Vonage :) I hope I have provided enough information here, if not please let me know whatelse youguys need to know. Thanks all!

I have my Ooma Telo configured in line.

|---Comcast Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 Cable Modem------>Ooma Telo Rev: 1.42086------> D-Link WBR-1310 Router---| Results

Download = 18.34 Mb/s
Upload = 3.67 Mb/s
Ping = 45ms

VisualWare VOIP Tests

Upstream jitter 3.4 ms
Downstream jitter 0.0 ms
Upstream packet loss 0.2 %
Downstream packet loss 100.0 %
Upstream packet order 100.0 %
Downstream packet order 100.0 %
Packet discards 0.6 %
MOS 3.5 Configuration Changes

Based on my upload speed from, I changed my Upstream Internet Speed (kbps) to 3072kbps.
I left the downstream setting at 0kbps.
Also, based on a recommendation I saw in another thread, I changed my MODEM Port MAC Address setting to Use Built in. Those are the only two changesI have made to my Ooma configuration.
#70387 by anotherITguy
Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:17 pm
The issue is most likley my cable modem?

I just retested nd got the following results:

Upstream jitter 2.0 ms
Downstream jitter 3.9 ms
Upstream packet loss 2.7 %
Downstream packet loss 0.0 %
Upstream packet order 100.0 %
Downstream packet order 100.0 %
Packet discards 0.0 %
MOS 1.0
REGISTER ms 463 ms
INVITE ms 541 ms
BYE ms 3 ms
Test Voice-over-IP
#70389 by murphy
Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:35 pm
I have a DPC2100 that I no longer use because it would degrade the download speed when it got hot. If you have it sitting horizontal, change it to vertical with the coax connector at the bottom. There are places to install the rubber feet on that end. You could also try cooling it with a fan.

That may or may not help. It could be that just mine is defective.

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