DirecTV Tivo

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DirecTV Tivo

Post by rickmhall » Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:50 am

I have had DirecTV Tivo working on Ooma for some time. Then it quit working and I found how to fix that issue. So here is two items: how to get DirecTV Tivo to make its weekly calls on Ooma and what to do if the calls quit working. By the way, before someone says just use the USB ports on the back of the Tivo, DirecTV never enabled them - so that is not an option without hacking the DirecTV Tivo DVR (which is another post).

1. In order to get the DVR to make a modem connection to the DVR service, go to Phone Settings on the DVR and place the following string in the Dial Prefix ",#319,*99," without the quotations. This will tell the DVR to reduce the transmission speed to work with Ooma and dial *99 so Ooma will not compress the call.

2. Attach a Tivo compatable modem to your Tivo (I used one from This is a one time expense.

3. Either plug your Tivo Modem directly into your Ooma hub or plug your Omma hub directly into your phone line (disconnect your outside connection) so that your entire phone system is connected directly to the Ooma hub. Note that you cannot have traditional phone service with this configuration, of course if you had traditional phone service, you could just use that for the Tivo. I have my Ooma connected to my phone lines that run throughout the house and use a cordless phone with 3 extensions and the Tivo connected to a standard phone outlet. Works like a charm.

4. Test your Tivo calling out.

It worked, it broke, we fixed it.
Last week (early March) the Tivo lost the ability to call out and get a programming schedule. I made a few test calls and everytime I called a Tivo number, the Tivo service would pickup and send a connection tone but Ooma would quickly lower the volume to nothing. After hours of research and a call to Ooma the only thing left to do was reset the Ooma hub to factory default settings. Once I did that, everything worked as it did before. Look on this forum on how to perform the reset.

Hope this helps.

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