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vonage to ooma

Post by mbindy » Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:23 pm

I need help. I am unsure about installing the ooma and using it while I still have vonage activated. I want to see that ooma works for me before canceling vonage and porting my phone number. I know I have to port the number before canceling vonage. First, when I go through activation, do I choose to get a new number or do I choose to install ooma with the "landline," even though vonage is not a landline? Second, when I followed the quick start guide, I hooked the phone cord into the wall and went through the steps listed and got no dialtone, nor did the lights on the ooma change to blue. Since putting the cord from the ooma to the wall cut off my vonage service, I had to hook up the phone cord from my vonage telephone port back into the wall. Last, when I get ooma working, will I be able to plug the ooma hub into the wall jack and have all the phones in my house working or just one hooked to the ooma hub?
Thanks so much! I would appreciate so much hearing from people who switched from vonage and exactly how to install and use ooma while vonage is still in effect.

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Re: vonage to ooma

Post by kblgy » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:06 pm


well if you want to wait and see if ooma is for you i;m not sure about the # i mean you can get it then port your over i;m sure .

either way you will need ooma in landline mode you hook vonage to your wall plug on ooma and phone port from ooma to the house.

you may have to call ooma to set landline mode since i set it up when porting but if you donlt set up landline mode your phones won't work.

MAKE SURE YOU activate your ooma online to get it to work.

i may have missed some thing s and if so sry.. maybe someone will see this and add..


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Re: vonage to ooma

Post by lbmofo » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:21 pm

If you already activated via "use your own number while porting," that means your ooma is in landline integration mode.

In this mode, the "wall" port of your ooma is expecting a dialtone from your existing service. Just feed the ooma "wall" port with your Vonage dialtone and ooma should turn blue.

Seems like you are already feeding your Vonage dialtone to a house walljack so all your other walljacks get Vonage dialtone?? This means your house wiring is likely already disconnected from the telephone company at the Network Interface Box outside your house. If this is so, you can just feed the ooma "phone" port into the same walljack you used to feed Vonage dialtone to.

You should be up and running after this.

If you got a new number assigned to your ooma, then you are running in standalone mode. In this mode, you don't need to feed anything to ooma's "wall port." Just forward your Vonage number to your new ooma number and have ooma feed the dialtone throughout the house. Before you port, your outgoing callerid will show your ooma number but at least you'll be able to receive all calls to your Vonage number.

Standalone mode is actually the preferred mode for most folks because landline integration mode is somewhat buggy for some folks.
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Re: Vonage to Ooma

Post by Givmeabrek » Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:51 am

Good choice. I did the same. Install Ooma between modem and router and activate the Ooma . Nothing will work until Ooma is activated and updated. Forget any landline integration. Get a temporary number. Forward your Vonage number to your new temporary number. Remove Vonage equipment and attach from the Ooma phone port to your house wiring. Your old number should now work. When satisfied with Ooma (I didn't wait at all) initiate the porting process. It will take 2 or 3 weeks. When the number is ported Vonage will cancel your account. Yea!!

Edit: I didn't see the post above, but this may still be helpful.

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