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#68725 by IrishHawk01
Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:19 am
I have a central panel that was installed in my house when it was built 2 years ago. Within that panel there is a 8x4 Telecom switch where my cable modem and wireless router is centrally connected. This central connection provides live data ports through almost every room in the house. This is located on the first floor. My office is located on the third floor of the house and for me to connect to the internet I simply take a CAT5 cable and plug it into the live data port and plug the other end into my computer.

As such, I would like to setup the ooma in this office. I have the data port on the wall plugged into the "To Internet" port on the ooma and I have the home network plugged into the computer. It has been flashing red for about 9 hours now and I do not have a connection on my computer. The "To Internet" button on the back is a solid green with an occasional quick flash of amber.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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