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#4393 by mthomtech
Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:58 am
Can anyone explain exactly why the fax works best through the hub and not the scout?

I'd like to run it from the scout, and was curious of the technical difference.
#4396 by southsound
Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:41 pm
According to the documentation, ooma uses HPNA (also known as "HomePNA") to communicate through the house wiring between the hub and the scouts. There either may be some bandwidth restrictions in the specification itself or in the way that ooma implements voice over the connection that limits the ability of the fax machine to properly communicate over the hub.

As an easy solution, could you use a second pair of your phone cable (possibly the white/orange pair) to carry the signal from the "phone" jack on the hub to a separate jack in the room where the fax lives? That way you would be essentially using the recommended connection, but could still use the scout for voice. Most homes use a multi-pair cable that has either 3 or 4 pairs inside the outer jacket. If you only have one line installed, then the other pairs may or may not even be connected. If they are not connected at the jacks, they also may not be connected at your telephone company interface box. You can connect them there easily yourself. Additional questions, feel free to pm me or post them here.

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