Customer Svc/Ethernet switch kits/AT&T Uverse

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Customer Svc/Ethernet switch kits/AT&T Uverse

Post by prosper56 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:21 pm

Installed OMMA today and unfortunately had to make two calls to their technical support folks. Call #1 - static on the line everything else seemed to work . Explained to the rep that I tried two different phones -one corded and one cordless and the problem persisted. I also informed him I installed OOMA Telo using an Ethernet Switch Kit because the modem/router is across the room from the phone line - have AT&T Uverse. He walked me through the installation again, told me to hook up the ooma to a cordless phone (originally had it hooked up to the corded phone) .He then told me to connect the ooma to my modem/router which I explained couldn't be done because the phone and router were on opposite ends of the room. He told me to get a longer Ethernet cable ;) ..told him I couldn't do this unless I wanted cables running across the doorway and in the middle of the room. He told me most likely the static was caused by the Ethernet switches. BTW, he was helpful in explaining the porting process.

Anyone else having static while using a Netgear 85 Mbps Powerline Switch kit?

Okay..called a second time.I had some very basic (I thought) questions regarding the installation process:
- What do I need to do to make sure all phones in the house ring/have the OOMA dial tone and features before my existing number is ported? Figured it out myself while waiting for the rep to consult with ??? multiple times. OOMA rep's resolution to the problem - go to OOMA's Knowledgebase. Told her I figured it out myself.

- Also asked about any compatibily issues between OOMA and AT&T Uverse- what happens when I port my existing number from AT&T since the landline and internet service are combined ? Again had to repeat my question several times and put on hold for several lengthy minutes while she "researched" my problem. I'm assuming she had to ask more experienced reps. She informed me I should call AT&T. While I was waiting for her to come back and give an answer, I had sufficient time to google "OOMA & ATT Uverse ,saw and read the thread from other OOMA clients - thank you.

I realize the call center(s) is/are not located in the U.S. but the reps did not seem to understand my questions or listen very well. With the second call even though the rep was very polite,I had to repeat my questions numerous times and after each question was put on hold for way too long. ..not good customer service. Better training or call center distribution - to/for those in the U.S. is sorely needed. Not a good first impression. I purchased this system based on a very favorable article about OOMA Telo in Business Week magazine. Obviously their experience was much better than mine.

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Re: Customer Svc/Ethernet switch kits/AT&T Uverse

Post by n8399 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:58 pm

prosper56 wrote:...Anyone else having static while using a Netgear 85 Mbps Powerline Switch kit?...
TemporarilyTelo Ethernet router connection plus corded phone without switch. Check voice quality and run this link > Advanced tab at test's bottom left > Save View text at bottom right.
Compare your separate test results with Telo MODEM port connected to remote Netgear Powerline Switch and laptop/PC connected to Telo HOME port to best assess your Powerline setup.
A cordless DECT 6 phone base station connected directly to Telo(near router) PHONE port might eliminate need for Powerline.
Ooma forums can be a great collaborative resource supported by Ooma users like you and I ;)

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