Modem-Ooma-Dlink NAT question

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Modem-Ooma-Dlink NAT question

Post by Thumper » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:13 pm

I had my Ooma hooked up to a port on my Dlink router. When I ported my number to Ooma I put the Ooma between the Westell modem/router and my dlink router, as they suggest.

I had to take the Westell modem/router out of bridged mode or the ooma would not work. I had the Westell modem in the bridged mode before so it would not do NAT. I set up my router to do the NAT.

Now that the Westell modem/router is doing the NAT is there any way to set up the wireless Dlink so that it is still secure but no NAT. I understand that if both devices do NAT then it slows the internet connection down.

I like to turn my router off when I am not using the internet. If I connect the Ooma to the router as I had it configured before porting my number then I will not have any telephone service.
My Westell Modem is a Modem /router with only 1 port.

Thanks for any help

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Re: Modem-Ooma-Dlink NAT question

Post by erics » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:33 pm

I'm not familiar with the specifics of the D-Link router, but most routers include a "wireless access point" mode. You might want to check your D-Link manual or online user guides/forums for this. You can then put attach the Ooma to an ethernet port on the Westdelll; this would be in parallel with the D-Link (configured as a wireless access point and attached to another ethernet port on the Westdell). I can tell you that I had, for a time, operated my Apple Airport Extreme in this manner (i.e., my 2Wire device acts as integrated modem/router, then the Ooma attached to it in parallel with the Apple device).

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