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#64458 by jhphone
Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:00 pm
fonze2 wrote:so should i upgrade my upload/ download speed with my internet company to something like 15mps down. 768k up?

Telcos use about 64 kbps each direction for uncompressed voice. Here's one discussion of voice data rates.

It's clear that common codecs bring the rate down to way below half that. And if Ooma is using UDP packets where each packet sent twice (as a worst-case primitive error correction scheme), the upload (or download) rate shouldn't be more than about 100 kbps.

What data rate does Skype need for voice? Here's a bit from one of their forum threads
Measured with Netstat Live ( ... rk/nsl.htm)
the bandwidth consumption is:
iSAC -> 6,4 (6.4) kilobytes per second = 51,2 kbits/sec
iLBC -> 3,7 (3.7) kilobytes per second = 29,6 kbits/sec

Nothing like Ooma's default of 384 kbps is indicated.

Technically, I cannot see why Ooma requires more than about a hundred kbps for upload traffic. But it's clear from Ooma that you should never go below 384 kbps. ... ty-service

I wouldn't do the upgrade to 768k yet. I don't expect it will help. Wait a while and see if Ooma can run their operation more efficiently.
#64484 by fonze2
Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:49 am
i was trying to figure out where the numbers you said were a little high come from. wouldn't they just have to do with the server thats doing the speedtest or is it the ooma box itself?

Maximum TCP delay: 91 ms

Minimum round trip time to server: 103 ms
Average round trip time to server: 107 ms

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