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#63986 by mfarlow
Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:49 am
I am having issues installing my equipment. I have a Netgear modem/wireless router combo. I connected the Telo as instructed on the QuickStart guide. I turned it on and the voicemail play back keys cycled blue several times then the Ooma logo began to flash red. The 1, 2, and trash can light came on solid blue and nothing happened (while the logo continued to flash red). After an hour, I called Tech Support. They showed no log where my device connected. They suggested I turn off the firewall settings in the router. No go. Turning off the firewall settings stops the internet from working.

So I went into the LAN Setup and added the Telo to the Address Reservation list using the MAC Address on the bottom of the unit. I assigned it the next available IP Address. I then went into the Services tab under Security. I added the Ooma listing it as type TCP/UDP with starting port as 10,000 and ending port as 20,000 (I was pretty sure that was what the lady at Ooma support gave me). Then I went into the Firewall Rules under Security. I added the Ooma device to Always Allow Inbound and Outbound Services. When it asked me for the IP address for the Ooma, I didn't know what to put, so I put the IP address for the modem/router. No dice. Ooma still isn't able to connect to the internet.

Here's my question...instead of using the IP address for the modem/router, should I use another IP address?

Thanks guys...

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