Sending Ooma to college?

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Sending Ooma to college?

Post by scg » Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:47 am

I bought my first Ooma system three weeks ago. Currently waiting for my first number to finish porting and am considering how/when to transfer my other two numbers. I already bought a second core system and need some advice so I get this right the first time. Currently the second hub is activated with a temp number, no premier. I bought it with the intent of porting my third line, but I am not in a hurry to port all my numbers over until I see successful completion on the previous port. Planning ahead, one of our numbers will likely be the one I send off to college with our son in the next couple of years. If I port his number into my first system onto a personal device scout, how easy will it be to later move it so that it replaces the temp number on my second hub, and be on its own account? Will this be considered a second port with another $40 fee, or would it be simply administrative for CS to make the change? I am making the assumption that if I get Premier on the first account and port in the second number there, I can take advantage of both the porting credit and have premier on both lines for the next two years. Whereas if I port to the second hub now, I would either pay $40 porting with no Premier or use the credit and only have Premier on one line since Premier is by account, not household-based. It would be nice if Ooma would reward customer loyalty with a discount on multiple Premier memberships; I can put that into the suggestion box for new features ;)

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Re: Sending Ooma to college?

Post by DTMF » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:22 am

Might want to check with your kid and the college your kid will attend before making any grand plans about Ooma usage.

I considered setting my new/distant college student up with a landline and he wanted nothing to do with it. Also, when we got to his dorm room a few weeks ago, we discovered that it had neither network nor phone jacks. Everything there is on wifi now. I couldn't have set him up on Ooma if he'd wanted me to!
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Re: Sending Ooma to college?

Post by lml999 » Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:01 pm

DTMF wrote:Might want to check with your kid and the college your kid will attend before making any grand plans about Ooma usage.
You'll be lucky if you'll get to talk with him at all. Kids today use their phones for texting.

My son has a cellphone, and with Verizon, V2V calls are free (and most carriers offer similar arrangements), plus you can add 10 additional numbers for free calling.

It's actually more convenient this way...I call him on his cellphone and if he's free, he answers. Doesn't matter whether he's in his dorm room or not...

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