Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
#63714 by BethBurdett
Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:16 am
I am new to Ooma. Since last Wednesday 8/25/2010 we have been without phone service. My husband has a job that requires him to have a working phone at all times. We ported our phone number.During the port process we had problems with Ooma working properly. We were told by tech support that we had an unconventional phone hookup. We were unable to resolve the problems with the Ooma thru tech support so we decided to wait until the porting was done and then we could hook up Ooma the way it should be . The porting was done on the 25th of August. Time Warner disconnected us as soon as the porting was done and we have had no phone service since. We live in the Adirondack mountains and very rarely have cell service at our home and when we do it is very poor. We have been attempting to resolve the problems with Tech support via the internet. What a nightmare!!!
Our problem is- The Ooma is connectd correctly, the blue tab on the hub is on. We have Ooma dialtone. When we call a number the phone dials the number and then nothing happens. There is only silence. When someone tries to call us the call goes directly to voice mail. There is no indication that there is a voice mail on the Ooma. But if I go to my email,there is a message that I have a voice mail and I can go to MY Ooma and listen to the voice mail there. Please don't ask me if there are any red lights on the Ooma or if the brightness is turned down. Everything is as should be. We have been asked to check and recheck and check again so many times by Ooma support that it's ridiculous! After about 4-6 minutes the blue tab on the Ooma changes to red flashing and there is no longer an Ooma dialtone.
We have the Ooma hub with a scout. We do not have anything connected to a wall jack at this point. We have one cordless phone system connected to the Ooma. Yes, the answering system on the phone is disabled. We have Time Warner Cable supplyng our high speed internet service. We have an RCA integrated wireless router with an HP Wi- FI ready Desk top computer. The router is supplied by Time Warner.
Our set up is integrated modem/router>Ooma
Yes, we have done all the speed tests and given the results to Tech support. It has been determined that there is not a problem in those areas. I was asked by one of the techs to connect my computer to my router and obtain the IP address, Netmask and DNS server/router address for the router. Then to input this information into the setup page for Ooma. I do not know how to connect to my wireless router with my computer. They are already connected. I cannot get a straight answer from tech support on how to do this. I am not a computer tech and do not understand most computer language. I need someone to tell me in simple and complete steps how to obtain from my router the info I need to input into the set up page for Ooma. Does anyone out there know how to do this and can you explain it to me in terms and directions I can uderstand and follow?
#63716 by seematt
Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:41 am
from your computer go to Start, then 'Run' on XP, or just start on win 7 and type into the box 'cmd'
once at he prompt type in ipconfig /all and you should get all the info you need (default gateway....will be your router's ip address, netmask should be
#63729 by ntoy
Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:24 am

The last log I show on your hub is 8/31 & it was in the middle of receiving updates.

Have you tried - use built in mac instead of automatic:


Afterwards, make sure you power off your modem & hub.
Then power one at a time:
1. power modem & allow a few minutes for it to come online
2. power the hub & allow it to continue with the updates.
#63793 by BethBurdett
Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:36 pm
Thank you for your help! We tried both of these suggestions without success.
We finally were able to connect to tech support via internet phone thru Gmail. We called Time Warner and learned there is no firewall in our modem/router which tech support thought might be causing what looked like a block. Time Warner reset our modem/router. We still have the problem. Altho the Ooma now has a continuous blue light instead of changing to red blinking after a few minutes. There is also a continuous Ooma dial tone.The phone no longer dials the number as it did previously. Incoming calls are still going automatically to MY Ooma voice mail. No indication on the Ooma hub that we have voice mail and we can't access the voice mails from Ooma. Tech support then said that we have an internet connection that is too slow and unstable. They recommended going to someone else's house to check our Ooma to be sure it's the connection and not the Ooma. They do not want us to do this with someone who has Time Warner internet. I don't understand all of this. We ran several speed and ping tests. Tech support actually had us do some today while they were on the internet with us, our son was on the internet upstairs, another laptop was in use down stairs and they had us pick up the phone and use that at the same time. We did the tests and all were good while all this was going on. Our tests have never been in a questionable range. Tech support says that everything is testing well but that when a call is attempted the connection is too slow. Does this sound reasonable? Do you have any other thoughts or ideas about why this is happening?
It's going to be difficult to even find someone in our area who has anything but Time Warner for internet. We have high speed internet with turbo charged road runner.
#63802 by Nat Ray
Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:32 pm
Dear Beth,

Plaease provide information from these two sites:

Best regards,
Nat Ray :cool:
#63817 by BethBurdett
Thu Sep 02, 2010 7:11 pm
Thanks for your reply Nat Ray

From bandwidth place: download speed 8147kbps (1018.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload speed 951 kbps (118.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

From Connection Jitter 0.7ms
Packet loss 0.0%
MOS Score 4.0
Download speed 3.93mbps
Upload speed 967kbps
Quality of service 87%

Thank you for your help
Beth Burdett
#63882 by Nat Ray
Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:05 pm
BethBurdett wrote:We have high speed internet with turbo charged road runner.

Time Warner has miss lead you! The information posted is not that of a "High Speed" Internet conection. :cry: Ten years ago, using ADSL, it would have been a high speed connection. Have you tried disconnecting all computers, and just using the Ooma Hub to make a call (I have summized that you are using the Hub, and not the Telo: Is that correct)?

Were you able to obtain the router's IP address using a previous post by SeeMatt? Using the router's IP address, normally, you can access the router's configuration page via your web browser. (example:

Hate to tell you, but Ooma's Tech Support may have hit the nail on the head about your Internet Service being "too slow, and unstable". Does Time Warner offer another package with greater bandwidth (higher download and upload speeds)?

Best regards,
Nat Ray :cool:
#63886 by tommies
Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:54 pm
I have seen it at least twice in this board. A poster reported hosts of problems with a "Lite" tier package from cable ISP, and problem solve when the said poster upgraded to the "Standard" tier, which is more expensive.

Bandwidth is not the whole picture:
From bandwidth place: download speed 8147kbps (1018.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload speed 951 kbps (118.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

This is ways more than I had last year when I had ATT/Bellsouth DSL (1.5Mb down/256Kb up), but I never had any problem with ooma relating to ISP even with my wife continue streaming of video.

The way the cable company "slowing down" their "Lite" tier service somehow makes it unsuitable for voip in generall and ooma in particularly.

If DSL is available in your area, you should give it a try. Otherwise, you need to upgrade to the 'Standard' package.

During my time with ATT/Bellsouth DSL the QoS is excellent despite its limited bandwidth (due to distance from the house to the CO.) I bugged them (ATT) many times to try to get the faster package, but the CR, who is very nice, simply said that they welcome me to give them more $$ but the service will not get any better for the extra $$. This is the reason I recently switched to Comcast with >> x10 the bandwidth.
#64026 by BethBurdett
Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:01 pm
Thankyou all for the help and suggestions!!!! My daughters fiance is a computer person so I asked him to help me via VOIP
thru G-mail. (This service was a God send)
I had called Time Warner to ask about the download speed and the connection. They asked me if I was saying that I was not receiving what I was paying for. I said that that was possible. They wanted me to do ANOTHER speed test which I agreed to, but lost the G-mail phone connection in the process. When I called my daughter's fiance he wanted to know about ports and settings for the router (which belonged to Time Warner) When we attempted to access the routers info with the IP address we got a message that the IP address was private and that we needed a password. I called Time Warner back and explained what I was trying to do and asked if they could help us by giving us a password to access the router settings and if not, could they at least give us the settings themselves. They refused to do either. I began to think about all that we had done and tried and remembered that when talking to Ooma Tech Support they had said that it looked at times like there was a block on the connection. They asked me to call Time Warner and ask them to disengage the firewall on the router. They told me there was no fire wall and also that they do not open or close any ports. (That was another thing Tech Support had asked me to ask them about the router) So, after all this I decided to go to town and get my own router. Brought it home and connected everything and boom, Ooma began working properly and has been working fine since. I took the router and the phone modem that we had used previously back to Time Warner. Another $35.00 a month we won't be shelling out for phone service and equipment!!!!

Thank You All. Your support is greatly appreciated! I hope I never have to experience anything like that ever again!!!!!!!!

Beth Burdett
#64128 by Nat Ray
Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:59 pm
BethBurdett wrote:I decided to go to town and get my own router. Brought it home and connected everything and boom, Ooma began working properly and has been working fine since. I took the router and the phone modem that we had used previously back to Time Warner. Another $35.00 a month we won't be shelling out for phone service and equipment!!!!

F A N T A S T I C !!

Best regards,
Nat Ray :cool:

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