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#62983 by hotot
Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:46 am
Have had ooma for many months and love it. However I have 2 seperate phone numbers and need to have a different voice mail message for each. I have read I need to have 2 scouts to do this, but I want everything else to work the same way it does now for everything else.
Currently I have a phone hooked to the Hub and a Phone System hooked to the Scout. No matter what number people call in on I can answer from either the phone hooked to the hub or scout and I am in bussiness. I can conferance between the two lines ect everything is perfect other then the fact when someone calls they get the same voice mail message no matter what line they call on.

I "think" this will work but let me know or let me know something that will work.

If I buy another scout put a spliter on the hub and set one scout right next to my hub and not hook up a phone to it. Then assign that hub one of the numbers and set a voice mail for that number will both lines still ring on both phones I have hooked up to the hub and other scout and if the one line assigned to the scout goes to voicemail it will play the seperate message?

Or any other solutions?
#62985 by murphy
Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:58 am
The phone number assigned to a personal scout only rings on the phone connected to the personal scout.

I have the hub and scout located adjacent to each other.

The hub is fed to line 1 in my house wiring.
The scout is fed to line 2 in my house wiring.

All of my phones are two line phones.

Either number can be answered on any phone.
Each number has it's own voice mail.

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