No logo red blink at reboot

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No logo red blink at reboot

Post by Barney » Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:38 pm

I connected my ooma for the first time today. I have a feeling that I didn't follow the instruction exactly. To be specific, I may have plugged the ethernet from ooma into my router when the power to the router was on. Also, when the ooma started I didn't notice if the logo blinked red. The first I noticed several icons were blue, being: play, forward, line 1 and line 2. I waited for close to an hour for the logo to turn blue, but it never did. I pulled the plug on the ooma hoping to reboot. Now I can't get any lights to come on. The instructions say I should see the logo blink red at boot-up. Is that right? I tried pushing the brightness button, but no change. Also, the green ethernet connection lights on the back DO light up.

I am set-up with ooma inbetween my modem (CLEAR service) and my computer.


Re: No logo red blink at reboot

Post by ntoy » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:27 am


Your forum username isn't something I would recommend since others are able to view it. You can send me an email
with the your suggested username & I can make the change.

As for using CLEAR service, this isn't the type of internet service we recommend due to inconsistent data packets
feeding your Ooma device. This is similar to satellite internet service as well. We recommend a wired service such as DSL,Cable, Fios, AT&T Uverse, etc.

With that said, we do have some customers that have Clear service & it appears to work for them for the most part, but they also experience dropped calls & voice delays.

Your log shows that a software upgrade was not successful & maybe due to inconsistent data packets.

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