Can't Get the install to work

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Can't Get the install to work

Post by JT19 » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:38 pm

I'm brand new and trying to get a OOMA hub setup with an ASUs WL-520GU wireless/wired router. No matter what I try I never get a blue light on the OOma hub.

I can get to the ooma page at if I connect the home port on the OOMa to a wired computer, but not sure what I'm supposed to change in terms of settings once I get there. I did change my settings to Automatic, connection but I can't get the modem to ever connect to the OOMA.

I'm using a new ooma number...cable connection and at this point don't want to use it with my existing DSL phone line. I have 2 connections cable that I use to connect and DSL/ATT phone line, but want to keep this totally separate from OOMA at this point. Can someone give me step by step directions that are easy to follow? I'm not a networking guru at all so please keep it simple. Thanks very much

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Re: Can't Get the install to work

Post by murphy » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:48 pm

It's not clear from your description what your ISP connection is.
If you have a cable modem you MUST turn it off every time you change what is connected to it.
A LAN cable from the cable modem to the Modem port of the Ooma hub is all that is required to get it working IF you requested a temporary phone number when you activated the hub. If you did not request a temporary number when you activated the hub then you must connect an active phone line to the Wall port of the hub.
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