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#61159 by ftrain
Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:52 am
Hi. I am just now up and running with an Ooma Core setup (hub+scout) and looking forward to many moons of great savings. I have one issue right now however, where I seem to be unable to add a personal device to My Ooma. When I navigate to the page "phone numbers" and then click "Add a personal device" the browser seems to hang forever waiting on (according to the status dialog in the bottom left of firefox). The URl in the browser still shows This happens after I click to the add a psersonal device and a new window opens for Firefox. I have also tried IE, and while the behavior is slightly different (I get a white window with "manage devices" as the title, but no content, it appears to hang here as well".

Is there something wrong with this page? I have tried this on a couple of computers now with the same results. Checked site blocking , etc in firewall, ..nothing...

#61163 by ftrain
Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:04 am
An update. I called OOMA support and they were able to add my scout and move the second number to it as I wanted. However, I am still uaable to accept calls on the new line and it does not ring on the scout. Also, when I look at the online site at the two phone numbers, I can only choose shared on the primary line and the secondary line has the option of shared and <blank> The blank seems to be tied to the scout. Something appears to be wrong with this feature...
#61165 by southsound
Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:16 am
Welcome to ooma and we're glad you came here for additional help.

To start off, we need to know a little about your configuration.
- Do you have DSL or Cable Internet?
- Did you choose to integrate your landline (use your existing landline number) or did you get a new main ooma number?
- Have you tried testing the scout to see if it is working by connecting a short cord from your hub WALL jack to the scout WALL jack?
- Has the scout ever worked?

There was a problem at one time with some scouts being mislabled so they actuall had a different address than was printed on the bottom of the scout. Yours may be one of these. Also, some characters are very easily misread. ooma support can bring up your hub and tell you what is connected. Depending on your answers above, we may recommend another call to have them check this.

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