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#60843 by meridianbizsys
Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:14 am
Hi - I am a brand new user to OOMA with a Telo and a Telo handset. I have two lines (two phone numbers), one for business (I am a QuickBooks consultant) and one for home. Previously, both numbers were with Vonage and I have Verizon FIOS. I ported the business line about a month ago to test quality etc. and to see if I liked this product (I do have premier also). Before I port the home line and get rid of Vonage all together, can someone please give me precise directions on how this would work? It does not sound like the Second Line feature is what I want.

I'd like each line to operate separtely (ie: be talking to mom on my home phone on my left ear while also talking to a client in my right ear). I have a Uniden cordless phone which I was planning to just plug into the "phone" or "wall" port in back of the Telo and was hoping that I would be "good to go". OH....I was also hoping to use a splitter on the "phone" or "wall" port to use my fax machine too. OH#2 - does anyone know where the setting is to identify my business name when I call a client? I'm hearing "I didn't pick up your call becasue it did not come thru with an ID". Thanks so much - Marie.
#60845 by murphy
Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:39 am
Unless you are integrating a land line, it sounds like you are not, the wall port on the Telo is of no use to you at all.
The only way to talk on two lines at the same time with a Telo is to have at least one Telo handset.

Instant second line allows two calls at the same time on the same phone number but you must have a Telo handset to do that.
You need Premier to have two phone numbers so you will have instant second line available whether or not you use it.
#60847 by meridianbizsys
Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:44 am
Ahhh....but the second line won't help me because I need separation of the two lines.....I need the home number to ring ton the Uniden phone and the office number to ring on the OOMA Telo handset. What's the "phone" port for?
#60853 by ntoy
Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:49 am

The "Phone" port is where you would connect your Uniden phone to take care of one of the lines.

Currently, your account shows a single ported number & you have premier trial active. You can port a 2nd number or choose a 2nd number.

To separate the lines, you would need to add a 2nd number & assign it to the telo handset:

For example:

Line 1 - Uniden phone - phone number - 650-XXX-1111
Line 2 - Telo handset - phone number - 650-xxx-2222

Anyone who calls you on 650-XXX-1111, would only ring the Uniden phone
Anyone who calls you on 650-XXX-2222, would only ring the telo handset

You can log into your My Ooma account to port a number or find a 2nd Ooma number.

To change the caller id name to a business name, you would need to contact our support folks. There is a $19.99 fee.
#60863 by meridianbizsys
Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:38 am
Thanks this sounds like more of what I was looking to do. If I stick the splitter on the phone port, will it work for both my home line and the fax line (not simultaneously I understand)? It's a "virtual fax" number I got from, so I don't think I need to port anything....I just need a method of sending and receiving data.

So, chronologically, I need to start the port of my home number from Vonage, when complete: add my home number to the Telo handset and finally, plug my Uniden handset into the phone port. Have I got it straight?

One final question (I think!) - how do I actually add the home number to the handset when I'm ready? Is it a menu choice on the handset itself or is it done thru "My Account"? Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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