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#60444 by highq
Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:57 pm
This is all a bit academic, since I don't have an operating problem with my Telo, but I am curious about what follows.

My ISP provides me with a DSL dry loop and at my end of it, a Westell modem with an Ethernet port. The ISP has assigned me a fixed public IP number. One of my main computer's two NICs is connected to that DSL modem and (of course) has been assigned that IP number.

The computer runs IPFilter (which is essentially routing software) and handles connections to/from whatever is connected to the LAN on the computer's second NIC. I see no point to DHCP: nothing is dynamic here: the other computers and printers don't move around, so I say they're literally static. I've provided each with a permanent (non-routable) number on my LAN. (If they didn't have fixed IPnumbers, the computer couldn't run a local DNS service, which it does, that simplifies running rsync or ssh or ftp between machines on the LAN.) The Telo works just fine when given one of those static addresses; its Home port has nothing connected.

Just for kicks, I disconnected the Telo from the LAN, changed its input IP number from the one on the LAN to my public number, and connected the Telo to the Westell in place of the computer. I rebooted both the Westell and the Telo; the latter wouldn't sync up.
#60449 by tommies
Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:08 pm
What do you choose in the Network Connection: dropdown box?
Do you provide the login credence in the Use name + Password fields? Where do you put it previously? (in your pc or modem?)
What do you put into these fields (below) of the Telo's Network Settings page?

IP Address: . . . (your public ip address)
Netmask: . . .
DNS Server 1: . . .
DNS Server 2: . . .
Router Address: . . .

Any suggestion base on assumptions (which are usually wrong) would send you down the wrong path. Especially on network related issue, the more detail provide the better for anyone to help.

For DSL with telo connected to the modem, choose PPPoE and provide the Username + Password is sufficed for most cases, or the login info can be put in the modem and Automatic is select in the dropdown box.

DSL requires username+password to connect, cable modem do not (it relies on the modem MAC address)
#60495 by highq
Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:32 am
What makes you say that "DSL requires username+password to connect"?
All I do is connect the Westell Modem with a Cat 5 cable to the NIC on my computer which has the requisite public IP number assigned to it (also with the netmask and the gateway IP which my ISP has told me to use). After the Modem has been turned on, it takes about a minute to sync up, at which point my computer is on the Internet, pingable from anywhere at all. Nowhere in this process are a username and password involved.
#60538 by tommies
Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:27 pm
Well, I learn some thing new today. First time I see a DSL with out username+password. Maybe your plan with fix ip have some thing to do with it.

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