Please help with Scout install

Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
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Re: Please help with Scout install

Post by tommies » Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:45 pm

fssea2 wrote:The way I would ideally like to setup my system is to keep the DSL service which currently comes into my home office and where the OOMA hub and wireless DSL router are located. I thus would like to keep the basic phone service with AT&T.
Is the DSL separated from the POST? (ie two pairs needed) or combined?(only one pair, but required the DSL splitter)
Do you have land line integration? (ie you need to plug a working land line into ooma WALL port)
I would like to also have the OOMA routed to all of my phone jacks in my house and would like to be able to connect my Dish network receivers into the OOMA system.

I hope that all makes sense.
Thanks again for the help
Look into your NIB, if it has more than one bundle of wires--similar to one behind your wall plate--it's better to post a picture of your box. It surely help if some thing extra needed to be done at the NIB.

The basic of thing is to keep different stuffs(ie DSL, POST dial tone, ooma dial tone) on separated wires/twisted pairs.
I would like to have one scout in the kitchen for my wife to have the access to the missed calls and messages so she doesn't have to go up to my office to listen to them.
You need a duplex splitter(one come with ooma hub package) to combine the signals from both the WALL port and PHONE port to feed it to the wall jack.

BTW, whenever a Line 1 + Line 2 splitter is needed, you can use a two-jack wall plate. It requires some works on the wires, but the look sure a lot better.
Soooo!I want to get 2 scouts working on our system.
Do you have premier

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