Printer not working

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Printer not working

Post by sweendogooma » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:58 pm

Just finished installing Ooma Telo... it was a snap! And it works great; already set up my voice mail.

Unfortunately, the only glitch is that my computer no longer talks to the printer. I set up the Telo just the way the instructions say, using step 2B since I have an integrated modem/router.

My network is set up as follows: I have Verizon FIOS internet into a "host" PC. The ethernet line goes from the PC to the modem/router, and from there we have 3 other computers (wirelessly). Using Option 2B, I unplugged the ethernet cable from the router and plugged it into Ooma Telo (HOME NETWORK port). Then I used the ethernet cable provided with Ooma to go from the Telo (TO INTERNET port) back into the modem/router. So far, so good. Then the phone base goes into the PHONE port on the back of the Telo, and finally from the WALL port to the phone jack.

I didn't really change anything, so I can't figure out why my laptop, which is connected wirelessly via the modem/router to the printer, won't talk to the printer anymore. I shut down the printer & restarted it, with the same result. Also, the "host" PC prints to the printer just fine.

Any suggestions? Thanks!! :cry:

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Re: Printer not working

Post by murphy » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:15 pm

I don't understand your configuration. What is a host PC?

Do you have a modem and a router or a single box that is a modem and router combination?
If you have a modem and a router.
FIOS to modem
modem to ooma internet jack
ooma home jack to router wan port
Everything else connects to the router LAN ports.

If you have a combination modem/router
FIOS to modem/router
modem/router to Ooma internet port
Ooma Home port to nothing
All other devices connect to the modem router.

If you don't have enough ports on the router, get an inexpensive switch to expand the number of LAN ports.
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Re: Printer not working

Post by sweendogooma » Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:18 pm

THAT WAS IT!! Thank you - I had the Fios to Internet port on Ooma and Ooma to router (which is what the instructions say). "If your computer is connected directly to your router [which mine is], disconnect the end plugged into the router and plug it into the HOME NETWORK port. This allows Ooma to prioritize your phone calls." So that's what I did. Oh well.

So will it not prioritize my calls now? What does that mean? Thanks again!

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