Scout not happy :(

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Scout not happy :(

Post by arrosen » Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:24 pm

I am currently trying out Ooma before I port my existing landline number. I have activated Ooma and forwarded my landline to my Ooma number. The hub works with no problems, and all calls made to my landline are forwarded to my Ooma number. Very Happy!

The problem is with the scout - I cannot get it to work. I have plugged the Hub's wall port (red) into the phone jack on the wall, and plugged the scout into another wall phone jack upstairs. The bottom row of buttons on the scout remains red, and when I use the phone connected to the scout, it is connecting to my landline, not to Ooma. Needless to say, neither the instant second line or any of the other Ooma features are working.

Have I done something wrong? Do I have a bad scout? Something else?

BTW, I do NOT have DSL and I am not using any HPNA adapters although I am connecting the Hub to a Power Line ethernet adapter.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Scout not happy :(

Post by southsound » Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:01 pm

As a test, try placing the scout near the hub and connecting the two WALL ports with a short modular cable. If the scout works in that configuration, then the scout is OK and the problem is with the fact that your landline is still live on your phone wiring. After your port and disconnecting from the utility wiring at the NIB (network interface box), you CAN use the hub's PHONE and WALL jacks on the same pair of wires so you can have your choice of hub dialtone or the scout dialtone (and of course, instant second line and/or a second number during your Premier trial).

Welcome to ooma and to the forum! :cool:
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