setup Omma telo behind router problems

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setup Omma telo behind router problems

Post by johng333 » Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:21 am

I am having issues setting up my Omma Telo behind my router/gateway. Here are the specs firts

- Omma is registered and activated and works if it is setup as the first stop behind the cable modem

- Comcast high speed cable using a Motorola Surfboard SB6120

- no software firewall enabled ( the Router firewall is enabled)

- Router is Buffalo Airstation WHR-6542 running DD-WWRT (not Tomato) set as a gateway with the wireless deactivated

I have the Motorola modem connected to the Buffalo router/gateway which is connected to the Omma Telo. If I connect the Omma Telo first everything works, but that is not my preffered setup for several reasons. If I put the Omma AFTER the router then I can not get the Omma to work. This is a pretty basic setup and not rocket science. Most of my DD-WRT settings are default. I have also tried it using a Linksys router with the same results.

I have rebooted everything sequentially several times and tried changing a few settings. While I am comfortable adjusting settings ( I was able to flash my Buffalo with DD-WRT), I am not a guru.

While most online help suggests an issue with the firewall (and there is no software firewall running) I have not been successful putting the Omma in the DMZ (tried and 138 - would try again) or a few other tricks. I hate to even ask because it is such an ABC basic setup but it just won't work. Any help giving DETAILED and specific steps would be appreciated.

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Re: setup Omma telo behind router problems

Post by murphy » Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:08 am

Disable the outbound firewall in the router to see if that will let it work.
If that works, there are a bunch of ports you will have to open in the outbound firewall.
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Re: setup Omma telo behind router problems

Post by yoonhwan75 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:15 pm

i switched to ooma more than month ago. first 3 weeks, i couldn't recieve any phone call. my caller id showing i have incoming
call. but when i pick it up, i can hear just ooma dial tone. i called customer service, they asked me reset up again. which i did i think more than 5 times i guess. they had no idea what was going on. finally, they found out my cable modem has "firewall" so that block the ooma telephone signal which i don't even understand what is that means STILL. ooma customer serive said i have to call my telephone company (time warner cable)ask them how can i turn off "firewall" or reset????? of course time warner cable said they are not allow to tell current time warner cable customer because they lost many customer switched to free internet telephone company. so in this point, i have no idea what i have to do. ooma customer service is not GOOD ENOUGH. help me.

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