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#6115 by Carl
Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:07 pm
Good to hear you're up and running BLUE Meghan.

It's really not that difficult or expensive to add a setup like mine to your home. My house wiring was a mess when I moved in and I just couldn't stand it! After much planning and research it came together.
#6117 by empemedia
Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:27 pm

That really is a lovely setup you have. My issue is less with the wiring in the house and more with my penchant for rearranging the whole house on a whim. My husband and I both work from home, so between the various telephone lines, fax lines, and data lines, it would be sooo handy to step into the tech closet and redirect what went where with a simple switch of a plug. I worked in hotel operations for a number of years, and since then, I've dreamed of having a patch panel at home. If we weren't considering moving, I might consider undertaking that project. Next house. Thanks again for posting your inspirational pictures!

I'm hoping that, with today's problem-solving, I'll find the call quality with ooma so improved, we can drop my husband's $100/month business line. We've already dropped the two lines we had with Vonage at the low, low price of $34/month. Come on, ooma. I'm ready to be your biggest fan!


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