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#54472 by mtnmedic
Sat May 01, 2010 2:20 pm
My first experience with Ooma. And I'm confident that I will enjoy this service fully. Just gotta work installation bugs out.

I have cable internet. One dedicated modem in the living room that feeds into a wireless router for everything I have going on. Another modem in the bedroom is stand-alone without a router and has a solid internet connection.

I installed the Telo according to instructions. When I first fired it up, it took a while for the smaller button icons to light up and then the bottom row of icons flashed left-to-right for a bit. After that, the Ooma logo flashed red slowly then sped up and continued to flash red for the longest time. Six of the icons turned to blue (only the reverse, stop and play icons went dark). This red flashing continued on and on. I checked the back of the Telo and the modem next to it. All connections good. Using the network patch cable that was supplied with the Telo, going from the one ethernet-out jack from the modem to the "To Internet" jack on the Telo. Noticed that of the two lights at the jack, the yellow one stays light all the time and the green one flashes every now and then (not consistent). I know there are updates and I am usually patient with them, waiting a while.

Also have one regular phone cable connected to the "Phone" jack on the Telo.

After what seemed like half an hour of the Ooma logo flashing off and on rapidly without any changes, I thought I would check the phone line, so I turned on the phone's handset and heard a busy signal. Just then I noticed that the "1" icon on the Telo went dark. It didn't light back up when I turned the handset off.

So, I unplugged both the Telo and the modem. Then I plugged them back in and let everything boot back up. Again, the red flashing Ooma logo as described above. I decided to dim the flashing with the dimmer control. Just then the Ooma logo went to flashing red/blue. It's been that way ever since. The same six icons on the right are solid blue. I tried the handset to see if I could get a dial tone. Still a busy signal and the "1" icon went dark and stayed that way.

What could be going on? Is there any way to tell if the updates are still occurring?

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