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#53682 by cpmkmk
Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:28 am
[color=#8040FF][color=#0040BF]I have an issue– only one way transmission outgoing ability on my end ONLY when I call out. The caller cannot hear me at all. However if anyone calls me it works as advertized –however only if they call me. I have spent almost half of my day trying to resolve this out calling issue. I have read others problems with this same issue. I also read “easy 15 minute setup” in their manual! What a joke. I burned up almost 60 minutes on my cell phone minutes trying to get this resolved. It seems as if they are clueless. I get the same old “well try this –or that” directions. After trying it all I still get the same results –no dice! I got my ticket # now I have to be available for 48 hours to resolve this “IF” they ever call back. Please let me know if anyone else solves it! I have a cable modem with charter as my isp.

What was really strange is on the second day after my install - in the morning about 7:30 am I tried an outgoing call and it was OK. It made me think since my computer was OFF -perhaps something was involved. However I have tried to duplicate this several different way with no success. It does not seem to matter on, off, disconnected, rebooted, modem rebooted, on & on. And still no one can hear my transmission if I call out. Inbound calls are all completely normal. Any thought would be appreciated since Ooma seems to want us to fix these ourselves with no tech help available.

To date now - over 72 hours and counting they (Ooma) have failed to call me back as promised

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