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#53397 by andy87
Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:01 pm
I am posting here to share my Ooma setup in my home network and to get some advice for some minor call quality issues that I have.

My setup strays from the Ooma’s recommendation, I know, but I got the idea to do this way from a friend who is a VOIP/Network/Security Expert. Call my paranoid, but I don’t like all my internet traffic going through my Ooma. So I have it set up this way so the Ooma traffic goes out to the DMZ vlan to the DSL modem, and computer traffic goes through my ASA 5505 firewall. Any thoughts on this setup?

(it cuts it off , view here

It works fairly well and I am very happy with my Ooma overall. The only issue I have is call quality issues (garbled words) when a user is on a computer downloading or streaming something off the internet during a phone call. My connection is only 1 megabit a second down, 448 megabits up. With my slow connection, maybe it’s not possible to have totally clean call when there is other traffic.

With my setup, I have removed Ooma’s ability to handle QoS, but my DSL modem has QoS features. I originally had a QoS filter for my Ooma, marking it with EF when it hit the DSL modem, but I did a wireshark capture in my DMZ vlan and it appears that the Ooma packets are already marked with DSCP EF. So I don't thinks my QoS filter was doing anything. Here is a screen shot of my QoS Configuration settings in my DSL modem.

(it cuts if off, view here

Is there anything else I can do to help the QoS with my setup?

#53404 by DTMF
Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:12 pm
Yes, to do a complete job of setting this up, you'll need to check your QoS filter rules. They should look something like these, but with different VoIP port numbers, since Ooma uses non-standard ports. The goal is to lower the priority of any heavy upload/non real-time uses you have for your connection below VoIP.

#53443 by tommies
Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:24 pm
So I don't thinks my QoS filter was doing anything. Here is a screen shot of my QoS Configuration settings in my DSL modem.

It does work, and work exactly what you tell it to do. Unfortunately, you tell it to treat every thing the same: all setting is the same at 100. You should leave EF at 100

NC down to 95
AF1 to 90
AF2 to 80
Default should be some where 50-70.

I assume that 100 is the highest priority.

As DTMF said, if you use BitTorrent or any P2P file transfer, it has to have the lowest priority.

I had ATT DSL with 1.5Mb down and 256Kb up for over a year without any problem while streaming video. Ooma bandwidth is around 45kb each way, or 90kb if *99, is used.

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