number just ported to hub - trying to add scout

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number just ported to hub - trying to add scout

Post by bonanz » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:09 pm

just got my number ported over to my hub which I was using with my temporary number. works fine on the hub. Tried to add scout to another room and having problems.

Let me explain my previous setup

I had digital phone service through bright house. cable came into modem, out comes interet and phone line, phone line was plugged into phone slot in the wall and phone plugged into jack in the kitchen worked.

so I get the hub and its setup between modem and router, and its working with temp number. today its ported, so now i wanna connect it up to the rest of the house. I figure unplug where the modem digital phone line went into the wall and plug that into WALL on the hub and connect scout up to the kitchen jack and be good to go since previous digital phone was connected through this way.

but as i'm posting its not working.... If I plug the sout straight into the hub, it turns blue and looks good. Is it possible the line coming from the modem that went into the phone jack in the office was rewired some special way to work with a special wire that goes from cable modem to rest of house?

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Re: number just ported to hub - trying to add scout

Post by murphy » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:40 pm

Dial tone from the hub is provided by the phone jack, not the wall jack. Since you don't have a landline, the only use for the wall jack on the hub is to connect to the wall jack on the scout.
Take the splitter that came with the hub and plug it into a jack on your wall.
Connect the phone jack of the hub to one side of the splitter.
Connect the wall jack of the hub to the other side of the splitter.

In the location that you want the scout connect the scout's wall jack to a jack on your wall.
Connect a phone to the phone jack of the scout.

If you need to connect a phone to the hub at it's location you will need a triplex splitter or a second duplex splitter to do that.

Make sure that your house wiring is disconnected from any outside phone company lines.
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Re: number just ported to hub - trying to add scout

Post by southsound » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:41 pm

First off, congratulations on the port completion!

There is some confusion about what the jacks on the back of the hub are for. The WALL jack serves two purposes - if you have an integrated landline, it is where the landline feeds the hub with dialtone. If you do not have DSL, you can also use this (at the same time) to send an HPNA signal to the scout. (HPNA and DSL do not play well together.) Since you are now free of your landline, the port that needs to go to your home wiring is the PHONE port. Since you do not have DSL and do not have an integrated landline, you can also use a single line splitter to combine the WALL and PHONE ports from the hub and connect them to your home wiring. Then, you are able to use either a regular phone or a scout (with or without a phone) in any outlet in the house. I mention using the scout without a phone connected as it makes a nifty voicemail station. Some people have complained that the outgoing voice quality is not as good when using a phone connected to the scout - others have seen no difference. YMMV.

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Re: number just ported to hub - trying to add scout

Post by bonanz » Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:35 pm

ah! you must be smarter than the directions. Forgive my nub-ness! Thanks for the posts, hooked it up as you suggested and it works as expected. Did not expect to need a triple splitter so my office phone will have to wait until that is sorted, but the kitchen connection is up and running.

Cheers to both of you!

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