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#3152 by zeppelin
Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:22 am
OK OOMA did the porting much faster than predicted. This was completed yesterday (2/18). AT&T said my dry loop wouldn't be completed until tomorrow (2/20). My internet ( and obviously my phone) are not working as of 2/18 afternoon. I also received an email from ooma that the porting was complete. (read this at work).

I am wondering if tomorrow when the dry loop is complete if my internet service and ooma will come back?

I have to believe that someone has been in the situation before and I would like to know what to expect.

#3156 by zeppelin
Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:22 am
Thanks for the reply. Did this happen to you?
When you say "minus the phone number" do you mean that all would be ok with ooma since the number was already ported. My DSL should still work even though there is no phone number associated with it.

BTW I call my home phone I immediately get the ooma answering machine (no rings). I left a message and I can listen to the message via the ooma lounge (from internet at work.)
#3157 by WayneDsr
Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:38 am
No it didn't happen to me because I've been dealing with AT&T for sometime trying to get a more positive deal from them. Sometimes it depends on who you get on the phone. I am just going by what AT&T has told me.
I would simply call AT&T just to make sure all is still in progress. It looks as though ooma has ported your phone number over, so you're half way there!
#3160 by trim81
Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:59 am
Zepplin, for data points: when did you request the port, and when was Ooma's expected completion date?

Reguaridng your issue, a work around is to hook your Ooma up to a friend or relative's internet connection and log into your lounge and set up multi ring (and have the calls forwarded to your cell phone)
#3163 by zeppelin
Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:17 am
I am going to wait and see what happens tomorrow since that is the date that AT&T said my dry loop was to be complete before I contact them.

1/31 I started dry loop process (faxed them the loa form)
I also started the discussion with att on dry loop but was getting the run around as to who to talk to. Getting transferred around, on hold, etc. I also didn't understand the whole process and wasn't sure I wanted to keep ooma so was kind of hesitant so put off the dry loop thing.

2/10 received an email asking for copy of latest phone bill (nowhere in instructions did it say I was supposed to do this) I went online to att, printed my att bill to .pdf format, and emailed it to ooma.

2/13 started the dry loop process again after convinced that ooma is great. The number to call for residential dry loop setup is 800-288-2020.
This is when they gave me the completion date of 2/20. I thought since ooma said it would be three weeks to complete the telephone number port that this would be fine.

2/17 received email that porting was to complete 2/18

2/18 port complete at 6pm. Since dry loop not complete - no internet and no phone.

2/20 dry loop date - we'll see what happens.

This ooma works so good that I wouldn't hesitate to start the dry loop orocess immediately as ooma recommends. 1 week to do the dry loop and 19 days to do the porting.

#3165 by murphy
Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:48 am
I'm sure that the speed depends on the company the number is being ported away from. In my case it's a secondary number from Vonage.

I sent my LOA and copy of phone bill by email on 1/27.
I received acknowledgment of receipt of LOA on 2/3.
I received a second identical acknowledgment of receipt of LOA on 2/6.
It's now 2/19 and there has been no further communication from ooma.
23 days and counting.
#3369 by zeppelin
Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:04 pm
Got the dry loop completed. ATT made me go back and register. I had to call another 800 number to get the IP address to type in.
Got this working and then started having an issue with phone line on ooma becoming disconnected. I thought it was because of the omma and internet being on the same line so I split out line 1 to the modem and used line 2 for the ooma. I got the line splitters from Radio Shack. THis didn't fix it. I had to go in to advanced settings on the hub and adjust the Upstream Internet Speed to my actual speed of 600kbs. Now it looks like it is working ok.
Wow. If I would've known that this was going to be this much hassle I would've just completely canceled my DSL and got a cable modem. I still haven't received my bills from ATT. I can only imagine how screwed up those are going to be.
If anyone has DSL and has the option of a cable modem then I would completely cancel your dsl and phone from att and just use the cable modem. I may still do that because I am only measuring 4 MB/s and I am paying for "up to 6MB/s."
I still think this ooma is the greatest thing and I am planning on helping a lot of my friends to install it.
OOMA should tell people what to expect when get this setup.

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