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#50251 by GatorMike
Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:50 am

I just activated my Ooma last night and I chose the option to get a temporary number. I thought inbound calls to my existing landline number would still come through the Ooma, but it appears they do not. I do not have call forwarding service on my existing ATT landline service so that is not an option.

I saw an option during activation (which I should have selected) to keep using existing landline, but I chose the temporary number option, thinking that I wanted to test out the service right away and that maybe there was a way for my existing number to still work through Ooma.

Can anyone help? Thanks!!
#50252 by DTMF
Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:55 am
Is the issue that you only have one telephone? When I was in the situation you were in before my port, I just plugged separate phones into the Ooma and the landline. I made calls from the Ooma phone and received them on the landline.
#50256 by GatorMike
Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:19 am
Yes good point, I forgot to mention that I have one cordless phone system (with 4 handsets) that I am using. I have it connected to the scout. What I'm concerned about is people calling my current (not ported yet) number and getting no answer and no recording...

I know I could just disconnect the Ooma for now, but I was hoping for a way to use Ooma now and still get calls from my landline until it is ported.

#50257 by bw1
Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:25 am
You can call customer service and switch back to an integrated landline. Most of us here recommend not integrating your landline, whether you're just testing the Ooma service and will eventually port your number or even if you want to keep your landline for a backup service. The reason is that all incoming calls and local outgoing and 911 calls will be through your landline service. Only long distance calls will be through the Ooma service. Also, you give up much of the included functionality like caller id and call waiting from Ooma.

You could get a second phone to plug into the Ooma or landline or have AT&T setup call forwarding while waiting for your port to complete.

Once your Ooma device (Hub or Telo) has been activated, the only way to change from an Ooma supplied phone number to an integrated landline is to call customer service. If you do that, be certain to plug your landline into the port labeled WALL on the back of the Ooma hub otherwise it will not go into service.

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