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#49499 by mark66
Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:28 pm
My porting experience is getting worse by day. I initiated the request on 2/18 and sent the LOA and current phone bill by fax. But Ooma never sent me an email stating when the porting will happen. When I called the customer service a week later, I was told that the porting would occur on 3/5. However, my current provider was asked to port the number on 3/4 by ooma and they already did that (no dial tone any more from landline when I returned this evening). Now when I call ooma customer support, they are telling me that porting may or may not happen tomorrow, as it is just an estimated date. When I asked the customer service as to why I didn't get a firm date and email, they claim they may not have the right email address for me though I receive a junk email every day from ooma.

Now I am concerned that I will lose my landline number in this process. I am on hold trying to talk to a supervisor for the last 20 minutes.
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#49500 by mark66
Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:36 pm
Talked to supervisor after being on the phone for nearly 30 minutes. She will call me back with a status on the porting.

I am curious if anyone had a similar experience and if so, did you lose the phone number... This looks like a screwup from ooma since they requested the number to be ported before they are ready.
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#49504 by mark66
Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:21 pm
Supervisor called back and told me that porting should happen within 24 hours. According to her, the number is not yet "hitting their network" (whatever that means). Then I am not sure why they would ask the number to be ported on 3/4. When I asked if I need to contact my current provider, they told me that I don't need to. So I will be without the phone service for over 24 hours. I should be getting email updates on the porting status (based on ooma response, I am not very hopeful if this will happen, though she confirmed that she has the right email addresss)

After 24 hours, if they are unable to finish porting, ooma will be going back to the store. The main reason for picking ooma was that they could port my number while vonage couldn't.
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#49510 by caseybea
Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:13 pm
My porting process had a similar denominator-- POOR COMMUNICATION from ooma. The port eventually did happen, but Ooma's porting process clearly needs improvement.

If you can get beyond the frustration of the porting process-- try to stick with it. NO phone bills is just.. SO worth it anyway.
#49528 by mayorbrown
Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:35 pm
My porting took 2.5 days last week. I was very frustrated by the lack of communication from customer support. However, I do love my Ooma now that I am ported.
#49592 by tritiemh3
Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:24 am
I too have a porting nightmare, I seemed to have bought a used hub from Fry's Electronics. I activated it through the web site . There is a pre programed number in the unit (I guess from the previous user) that I found by calling my cell phone with it. Now I went to port the # I want ,well the ooma unit does not ring . I can call out ,but not receive any calls using the # I had ported. If I call the pre programed # the phone will ring.
Their so called techs are useless. And my ported # is the same . Forty dollars wasted . For What ? a useless piece of crap. Thanks. :x
#49637 by mark66
Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:02 pm
Update on my porting - it was completed around 5:00 PM today. :D :D Now I am a happy ooma customer. Bye bye phone bills!! Bye bye Charter phone!!

The only email I received from ooma regarding porting was about the porting completed. Even when I called this morning to inquire about the porting status (i.e. whether they resolved issues with the number), I got the standard response that the date 3/5 is not a firm date.

I logged into the website of charter(my former phone provider) and I think following is what happened.

2/18 - Requested porting, faxed all required documentation. No response from ooma since then.
2/23 - Called ooma and got an estimated porting date of 3/5. ooma said they will email the firm date. No email since then.
2/25 - Looks like my phone provider received the porting request and they promptly changed my rate plan for cable internet (based on transactions on my account that I noticed today). At this stage, I am not sure if they responded back to ooma to confirm the porting date or whether they set the porting date to 3/4 by themselves without communicating to ooma(could explain why I kept getting the response that 3/5 is not yet a firm date)
3/3 - My phone company disabled incoming calls. Called them to fix that and they fixed it. They told me that porting date was set to 3/4. I told them that per ooma it is 3/5 and advised them to check with ooma.
3/4 - I lost my phone connection. According to ooma 3/5 is still not a firm date, it is an estimated date. But ooma asked me not to restore the connection
3/5 - Porting completed!!

If the above is what happened, I would like to conclude that the worst phone company is CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS and I am glad I am no longer with them.

ooma can definitely improve on the communications and let me know when they contacted charter with an estimated port date. Then I could have followed up with charter and confirmed it back to ooma.
#50337 by Magister
Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:38 am
I'm still waiting for my happy ending. The story has been much worse.

I purchased my ooma on sale from a bix box store on Feb. 14. That night, I set it up, had a dial tone with the temp number within 5 minutes, and ordered the number port for $40. I am porting it over from Vonage.

On Feb. 26, I received my last call at the number that is being ported, save for a customer service call to "check on something." Whenever someone calls, they get different messages depending on their carrier, but they mostly say something like "you have reached a non-working number." I called all sorts of customer no-service a day or two later. ooma blamed Vonage, Vonage blamed my ISP (Verizon FioS) for perhaps putting up a firewall in a router firmware update (?!? Yeah, that didn't sound right to me either), and my ISP blamed Vonage. I have not canceled service yet with Vonage, and do not intend to cancel until the port goes through and this nightmare is over. Call Forwarding through Vonage or Simul-Ring does not work since the call never gets far enough to be forwarded.

In the course of the second call with Vonage, we tried different phones to reach my Vonage number. A T-Mobile cell, a Straight-Talk cell, a MagicJack, a Google Voice number, and the ooma temp number, as well as Vonage's CSR regular phone could not get through. However, the Vonage CSR had a Vonage phone to call from, and that call went through. So only Vonage phones can reach my old Vonage number. They claim they have released the number, and updated their systems, and that's why the call from a Vonage phone went through.

A few days later, no one was claiming to "own" my number. Vonage has promised to pay me back a portion of my bill for time without incoming phone service.

I never received an email from ooma with an estimated port date, so I called after a few more days. I was given a date of March 9th for the number port. Late on the 9th, I called to check, and they asked me to wait another 24 hours. A day and 2 hours later on the 10th, ooma said 24-48 hours. In the next call two days later on the 12th a CSR said it could take up to five days. I felt like I was being treated to a song and dance, so I asked for a supervisor. The CSR tried to get a supervisor 3 times, but could not get through. She gave me a CS ticket number, and said someone would call me back. I asked how soon, (a few hours? a few days?) and she said 1 hour. No one called me back.

Now today, the 13th, I called after lunch. After waiting 12 minutes after the menu selection, something demanded my attention, and I ended the call. A while later, I called ooma again, and waited 17 minutes from the menu selection until a human spoke with me, and transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor assured me he would send an email to the number porting team to see where we stand.

So who is at fault? Did Vonage really release the number? Does ooma have problems that don't allow them to receive the port in a timely manner? Is it the fault of US Xchange which holds both the Vongae number and the ooma temp number, according to ? Two weeks without being able to receive calls at home is unacceptable.
#50351 by Cozyone
Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:51 pm
Within several days of my request to port, I received an e-mail advising me of a scheduled port date of 3/12 (with up to 5 days variance). At least 1-2 times per week, I got e-mails reaffirming the port date. On the date 3/12, I received a message from Ooma indicating that the port had been completed, however I almost missed the messsage because it didn't include the word Ooma in the subject as had the previous e-mails.

During the porting process I did lose my Ooma number, which I'd requested to keep and pay for and the Premire service did not show up. So, a phone call to Support this morning fixed those two problems. All-in-all this was a smooth transition and the communication has been quite good.
#50677 by Magister
Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:00 am
My port has now gone through.

I never did receive the email that gave a projected port date. I only received that via a phone call. But now, I hope, is the time to enjoy my own happy ending. After 19 days with no incoming calls to the number I ported from Vonage to ooma, I can now make calls to my home number.

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