TIVO Compatible?

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TIVO Compatible?

Post by sonpit » Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:06 am

This weekend I will be installating my brother's ooma hub and scout. It will be a ooma only setup without a landline. Has anyone had any success with TIVO connected to the ooma hub or scout and able to download it's weekly TV guide? I think he has a Series 1 TIVO (oldest model).


Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by BigTV » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:14 am


You must connect the Tivo to the ooma HUB phone port, it will not work on a scout, also the Tivo must dial *99 before the dial out number for it work.

keep in mind that we can only do best effort analog transmissions, so we cannot guarantee the tivo will work. but please try and let us know your results.

Thank you

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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by fmangini » Tue Aug 26, 2008 9:20 am

I have my Ooma line connected to my Dish Network DVR and it seems to work fine. I just connect the phone line form the Ooma hub to my current house wiring. That turns all my current phone jacks into Ooma jacks. I made sure that I disconnected my line from the phone company outside first. It works great. I get caller ID on my TV screen.

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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by tanstaafl. » Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:05 pm

BigTV wrote:You must connect the Tivo to the ooma HUB phone port, it will not work on a scout, also the Tivo must dial *99 before the dial out number for it work.
Spending considerable time on the phone with Ooma technical support proved less than useful. I had to patiently explain what a TiVo was, that I wasn't expecting to receive video programming through Ooma, that TiVo had connected by VOIP phone line for years for the schedule updates, I was finally told that TiVo won't work with Ooma.

Spending considerable time on the phone with TiVo technical support proved somewhat more useful, but in the end not successful.

Finally I did what I should have thought of in the first place, and asked Uncle Google to tell me about Ooma +Tivo +Connect, and here I am.

I have fiddled with the TiVo settings enough to occasionally get a connection, but never sustained it long enough to complete the call. That is a big improvement over everything I tried before. What made it almost work was the *99 prefix, but I had to add a couple of two-second pauses between the prefix and the dialup number before it would connect, and usually even then it doesn't connect.

I think my ultimate solution will be to not try to connect TiVo through Ooma, but instead use the TiVo wireless USB doohickey (don't you just love technical talk!) and see if I can make it work. So far it has defeated me. It sees and tries to talk to the wireless home network I tried to set up a couple of years ago (I gave up and just ran some ethernet cable instead) but always fails, something abut No DHCP (NO2 error). It is possible that I gave it the wrong password, but in that case it wouldn't have gotten as far as trying to call out. Would it?

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

Doug Burnside
aka: tanstaafl.

ps: As I write this, I have made a connection and TiVo says it is Downloading. Cross my fingers...


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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by murphy » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:14 am

What model TiVo do you have. My TiVo (S3) uses a hardwired LAN connection. Nothing has ever been connected to the phone jack.
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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by Big Boy Laroux » Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:52 pm

I have been a TiVo owner for years, with both Vonage and now ooma, and I haven't used the telephone line connection except for maybe the first few months I had TiVo.

You should seriously take advantage of TiVo's network capabilities. Either wired (as mentioned above) or wireless. TiVo makes a wireless adapter that allows you to connect TiVo to your home wireless network.

in re-reading your post, it sounds like you may already have this adapter... Make sure it is the TiVo branded adapter. I had zero issues setting it up on my network, and that's with wireless security.

A networked TiVo Not only bypasses the need for a connected telephone line to get its updates, the updates are much faster. Not to mention you will then have the ability to do numerous other great things with the TiVo if it's connected to the network - schedule show recordings online (the TiVo checks for scheduled recordings every 15 minutes when connected to the network - checks only once a day with telephone hookup), transfer shows to PCs/laptops, watch online videos (youtube, amazon unbox, netflix, etc.), view pictures or listen to music from your pc on your tivo... among many other great options.

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TiVo Problems--who can solve this one?!

Post by adamsear » Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:35 pm

I have a Tivo Series 2 dvr which I use with Directv. I've had ooma for about a month now, and no landline at all. The hub is connected to the house wiring so every jack is effectively a hub. The phone itself has been working fine, as has my ability to record shows and get schedule information.

However, my Tivo receiver has not been able to call out. This was not a problem (scheduling info comes via satellite, I assumed the calling was just in the rare case of a software update) until today. For some reason the satellite needed to reset and as a last step, to call in. Since it can't call in, I've now got NO live TV (though I can still access my recorded shows and the like).

I have tried using some of the dialup strings found on this forum and online, but still no success. By the way, I'm using a cable modem (not dsl). I'm in the 310 area code. I've tried calling Directv with no real help, and from what I've read here ooma tech support would also likely not be helpful.

Can anyone tell me exactly how to set up the dial prefix, call waiting prefix, etc. so that this can work? I'd hate to have to get a landline again just to get live tv. Also, I don't have a wireless network, or LAN, and am not very tech savvy. Finally, we rent and are in an apt. building so I can't dig into any wiring boxes or anything like that.

Thanks for any and all help!

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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by Groundhound » Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:38 pm

Use *99pause as a prefix.

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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by fseaton » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:13 pm

I'm using an old 2000 series ReplayTV (similar to tivo) with my Telo. Setting *99 as the prefix was all that was necessary to allow it to call long distance to download its guide. I hadn't used this old Replay in a number of months since it requires long distance, so my first guide download took over 10 minutes. Ooma Telo worked perfectly!

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Re: TIVO Compatible?

Post by Emily » Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:19 pm

Has anyone had any luck in finding a working set of prefixes/access numbers to get a DirecTiVo Series 2 to dial in with Ooma? I've tried *99, and many different variants found here and around the Web, but no luck so far. Many of the solutions seem to be for Series 1 models or other VOIP services; was hoping someone might have found a working solution for this exact combo.

I've connected the TiVo line straight to the Phone port on the Ooma, tried with and without the DSL filter, tried slowing down the TiVo modem.

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