Ooma Telo after router

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Ooma Telo after router

Post by Calis » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:30 am

I installed my Telo after my router because it would not install before. The lights just stayed red. I figure I can still set up QOS to give it priority when it needs it...except, I don't know what IP it is using. I don't think it is showing up on my DHCP tables. I wouldn't worry about it except a while back I was on the phone when I had a large file transfer going, and the party I was talking to lost my audio. I could hear them fine, but they lost me. Any ideas anyone?


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Re: Ooma Telo after router

Post by ggilman » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:57 am

It should be showing up in the DHCP table on your router. Normally it should be identifiable by the MAC address, which should correspond to the one on the bottom of the Telo box. Also, I believe if you set a PC on to the home port of the Telo and look at the settings, you can determine the IP address it is using there.

Even if it isn't showing up though, you should really set up a DHCP reservation for the Telo, based on its MAC address. Otherwise, the next time the Telo boots it could potentially grab a different IP address than what it has currently and make any QoS settings you've set meaningless. You can set up the reservation with or without seeing the MAC address. You may need to change the Telo from using "Automatic" to using "Built-In" MAC address though. You can find this in the Telo settings by hooking up a PC as I described earlier.

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