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#48776 by jojiboy
Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:02 pm
shah123 wrote:I wonder it is carrier dependent. Looks like some carriers don't require a hard signed copy of the LOA and some do. Mine is AT&T and it did. And some carriers respond faster than others. Apparently AT&T is the slowest or one of the slowest for sure.

I don't think it's carrier dependent to be honest. We had AT&T and they didn't require a signed copy of the LOA when I submitted the request to port our number. In fact, ours went pretty smoothly:

1/30/2010 - Port requested, received confirmation email from Ooma same day with a copy of the online LOA attached.
2/1/2010 - Received an email from Ooma confirming they submitted all required information to AT&T and are awaiting confirmation. Email indicates due date of the order is the week of 2/16/2010.
2/3/2010 - Email from Ooma indicating expected completion date of the port request is 2/16/2010.
2/16/2010 - Landline goes dead sometime during the day (was at work so I don't know the exact time the landline dropped). Port completed by 4pm PST. Received an email from Ooma shortly thereafter confirming our port has been completed.

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