Anyone recently port over existing AT&T landline dsl?

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Re: Anyone recently port over existing AT&T landline dsl?

Post by lbmofo » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:56 am

If port finished earlier than dry loop (and DSL is turned off as result), wouldn't AT&T turning your DSL back on as fast as they can the proper course of action?
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Re: Anyone recently port over existing AT&T landline dsl?

Post by 0Dang » Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:47 am

Hi folks - new to Ooma and this board. I currently have an AT&T DSL HSI/landline bundle and Ooma on the side with a temporary phone number. Ultimately, I'd like to port my existing number over to Ooma and upgrade my internet to U-verse. Here's my plan:

1. Submit port request to Ooma (done and received estimated completion date already)
2. Await confirmation of actual port date by Ooma
3. Order AT&T U-verse to be installed on (or after, not sure yet) actual port date. I'm also not sure if I should order this service through my existing account or a new one using a different name.
4. In theory, once the port is completed, my current AT&T bundle will be canceled and the U-verse activated

How does this sound to those who have already gone through this process? In particular, what are your thoughts regarding Step 3? I'd prefer to avoid converting to dry-line prior to requesting port as I want to avoid AT&T customer service and fees like the plague. Thanks!

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